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15 Hygge Decor Ideas for a New Way of Life and Mental State

The new year is about to begin, so a new beginning should be considered. We can do this in our personal lives, perhaps by breaking past habits, at work or in family life. By finding new ways to create extra comfort, we will be happy to be with us. In this case, we want to guide you through the benefits of the climax trend of invading the universe from within. The term is meant to cover the Danish way of life, but also to reflect the surrounding environment of the Danes. The main idea of ​​Hygge decoration is to create a peaceful, quiet and clutter-free space. Although hygge is a concept usually associated with winter, it actually means that it can be used all year round. In this guide, learn how to celebrate health and happiness through decoration!

1- Properly update home design and adopt Hygge decoration tip

Hygge aims to create a safe space for friends and family. The Danish concept refers to the sense of calm you get after you arrange your house in a certain way. Through the visual and tactile effects of internal elements, there are many small details that can help create a moist atmosphere and reduce stress levels. In addition, for anyone who wants to add a little joy to their daily life, it is essential to incorporate this idea into decoration.

Some simple rules for entering Hygge mode?

  • With friends and family
  • Enjoy simple fun
  • Be present and grateful
  • Stay in bed for an hour
  • Enjoy barbecue outside
  • Reuse and recycling
  • Adopt new hobbies
  • relieve pressure
  • Appreciate the surrounding environment
  • Read a good book

2- Stick to a neutral color scheme

The color scheme of your home decor should never be too overwhelming. All the colors you add to the hygge decoration must help create a harmonious and peaceful atmosphere. Therefore, it is best to choose neutral, warm and soft colors, such as light gray, brown, dark red, mustard and rust colors, beige and milky white, to create a comfortable space for you and your loved ones.

3- Lighting-distinctive accent

It can be said that the design of a smoke-filled house should focus on lighting, because this is an element that can truly affect mood in a positive way. If you want to create a warm atmosphere in the room, you should choose table lamps and/or floor lamps, for example. A tall candlestick on a coffee table or fireplace cover will further warm the atmosphere.

Unless you are deliberately creating a dramatic effect, avoid shadows. In addition, here is a trick to consider: add old-fashioned mirrors as much as possible to reflect some accent lighting.

When you think of candles, what do you think of first? Maybe it’s a romantic, relaxing bath, or a quiet night with a book. These are all things that include lifestyle. The soft and loving light of candles cannot be replicated and should be used throughout the family to enjoy the warm light.

In this case, trying a new candle is a simple and effective way to bring a moisturizing scent to the room. various kinds. They are engraved with many attractive designs, and if they are decorative scented candles, they can add a pleasant fragrance to your living space.

In addition, fairy-tale lighting is also an ideal choice to complete the decorative effect. Not only are they cheerful and festive, but they look great no matter how they are displayed. You can use them in the bedroom, living room or even on the outdoor terrace. Just like candles, they emit soft light and can add a charming touch to your home design without being too attractive.

4- Carefully selected textile “decoration” decoration

The Danes use a variety of materials and patterns to add personality and interest, which was originally a relatively simple plan. They tend to introduce many warm natural materials, such as leather and wool. However, the overall appearance should always follow a stricter color scheme, so as not to conflict with the overall design or be too distracting.

Comfort is the key to decoration. One method used is to decorate with soft pillows and soft duvets. Yi with spread blankets on the sofa, and then relax in a warm place. You can also achieve this by creating comfortable corners (for example, a bench by a window or a love seat). These are great places to relax. There is a good book and a cup of hot chocolate.

Layering textiles such as knitted blankets, throw pillows and faux fur is the most obvious way to increase the warmth of a space. Again, this is an easy way to introduce visual interest with visual effects and their textures and patterns.

5- Artwork makes a difference in minimalist decoration

Indeed, artworks and handicrafts are one of the smartest ways to increase the sensibility of a house. This step has a lot of design weight, so it is recommended that you pay attention to this point. The effect is far more than just sprinkling a few decorative pillows, but almost the same as adding a Nordic carpet.

However, remember that in Scandinavian style, less is more. This is also one of the main rules for integrating hygge into your decoration. You should always remember to keep it simple and not mess up too many projects. For example, you can only choose some decorative pieces that achieve the best balance between style and function. Try to focus on more subtle items, such as your favorite book or a beautiful souvenir from your grandparents.

6- Wood takes center stage in decoration

By default, wood is one of the warmest building materials. Therefore, it can be concluded that adding wooden decorations will definitely increase the thermal insulation coefficient. By the way, it can also easily include rattan items such as baskets and storage baskets. The pleasant wood tone will make you feel more closely connected with the beauty of nature.

7- “Dress up” your window

There are various types of curtains and blinds to decorate the windows and give them unparalleled charm. Choose the model that best suits the overall appearance of the room!

8- Show your book

Books are indispensable for everyone who likes a fashionable lifestyle. Stacking books in the library can not only inspire you to read more knowledge, but also dig out solid decorative potential.

9- Express emotions with flowers

Who can resist a bouquet of flowers? Believe it or not, adding fresh, artificial or dried flowers to the vase can add a warm atmosphere to the room. The reason we see this subtle warm feeling is simple. It shows two things: care and love. So if you think about it, these are the foundations of any home renovation process.

10- Retro and nostalgic style

Several retro styles can add an overall sense to your home. Some works may have an interesting history or represent precious memories of nostalgia. Show these antiques with emotional value to complete your hygge decoration. If you don’t have the right items, you can also choose to grab coins from the flea market and make a complete transformation.

11- Light the fireplace

Socializing is an important part of Danish culture, and the best way to spend time with friends is to relax in front of the fireplace. If you want to take the Hygge experience to the next level, running a fireplace or investing in a wood stove seems to be an obvious solution. This is a timeless way to create a unique sense of warmth and comfort. Finally, the fire provides more light and adds a new space to the decoration of the home.

12- Embrace the old and imperfect

Danes hate waste, so please recycle as much as possible. Be creative, remake old furniture or find new uses for an item. The advantage of hygge is that nothing is perfect. For example, it is not so much buying a lot of new furniture as it is the sensibility of an old armchair belonging to the family.

13- Set “hyggekrog”

Consider arranging a comfortable place near the window to appreciate the natural landscape called “hyggekrog” by the Danes. Book fans, in particular, might like the idea of ​​relaxing from plush cushions and warm blankets, reading and feeling safe.

14- Create a spa-style bathroom

The trend for spa-style bathrooms is on the rise. The waterscape of a Danish house is not only a functional space, but also a refuge for relaxation. Remodeling the shower room with noble decoration can help you get rid of the tedium and stress of daily life. Don’t worry about completely redesigning the interior. Simply changing a few elements is enough to significantly improve and achieve a relaxed, quiet design.

Continuing the theme of comfort, you can add a plush carpet, which will make your bathroom a more enjoyable experience. Consider adding hidden storage space to keep items organized and invisible. To make the overall look complete, you can spread the candles and buy fluffy towels.

15- How to invite Hagrid spirit outside?

When grilling in the backyard, remember that noble decoration can improve the surrounding atmosphere. For example, you can use wooden or metal lanterns to wrap yourself, or use comfortable blankets and fake fur to wrap yourself. Finally, heat up the interior with delicious hot chocolate or a glass of wine.