30+ Simple and Creative Kitchen Decor Ideas

Small changes in the organization of your kitchen and a few objects can make all the difference.


Who wouldn’t want a magazine kitchen? Knowing that it is straightforward to incorporate items that will make the environment more beautiful, modern, colorful, and even sophisticated. Kitchen decor is simpler than you might think.

It can be a large or small kitchen; a few changes to the cabinets and even the tiles (without breaking them!) are enough to give a new face. So, check out the following tips and get to work!

1. Black Faucets

1. Black Faucets


Invest in black faucets and accessories to give your kitchen a modern look.

2. Tile Mosaics


Take advantage of the painted wall to create beautiful tile mosaics.

3. Mini Vegetable Garden


Having a mini vegetable garden in the kitchen, besides being very practical, brings life to the environment.

4. Hanging Utensils


Enough mess! Organize and decorate your kitchen by hanging the most used utensils in everyday life.

5. Copper Pots


Get inspired by farm kitchens and make a modern retelling by putting some copper pots on the wall.

6. Blackboard Paint


Applying blackboard paint on the wall gives you space to make lettering and also write down important things.

7. Lighting Fixtures


Bet on lighting fixtures to give a cozy atmosphere to the environment.

8. Appliances


Please take advantage of the modern design of the appliances and leave them on the kitchen countertop to decorate.

9. Succulents


Succulents are plants that require little care. Use them in the kitchen to decorate!

10. Pictures


If you have a lot of space and empty walls, don’t be afraid to decorate with pictures!

11. Cupboards with Glass Doors


Cupboards with glass doors are an excellent resource for using dishes as decorations.

12. Use Spice


Use your spices as a decor item by placing them in containers and organizing them on a shelf.

13. Wooden Spoons


Every house has wooden spoons. Arrange them in a beautiful mug, and you will have a simple and beautiful decoration.

14. Colored Mugs


Colored mugs can also be used to brighten up the environment. Try it!

15. Fruit Bowl


A beautiful fruit bowl never goes out of style. Bet on this idea!

16. Wine Bottles


Wine bottles can also be used to decorate the environment and add a touch of sophistication.

17. Curtains


If your kitchen has windows, invest in pretty but straightforward curtains.

18. Wooden Niches


Wooden niches hanging on the wall or supported by furniture can be the missing touch in your kitchen.

19. Carpet


A kitchen is also a carpet place. If the atmosphere is big, try using it to make the table stand out.

20. Cabinets


To get out of the basics, invest in cabinets with vibrant colors.

21. Stickers


Use stickers on kitchen tiles to give them a new look without having to change them.

22. Little Coffee Corner


Prepare a little coffee corner with care. Besides being practical, it will be a beautiful decoration.

23. Cookbooks


Cookbooks need to be in the kitchen. Then use them as decorations, displayed on the countertop or shelves.

24. Tray with decorative objects


A simple tray with decorative objects inside is enough to give a charm to the kitchen.

25. Shelves


Shelves never hurt. If you have space in the kitchen, abuse them!

26. Hydraulic Tile Floors


If the kitchen is under renovation or construction, try hydraulic tile floors. They already decorate the room.

27. Cans of Groceries


Take the food out of the cupboard and place it in beautiful cans of groceries to decorate.

28. Wall Clocks


In addition to being useful in the kitchen, wall clocks can also be a decorative item.

29. Partitions


To separate one room from another, invest in original and different partitions.

30. Colorful Stools or Chairs


Colorful stools or chairs can be just the touch of color your kitchen needs.

31. Gluing the fridge


Appliances can also be decorated. Try gluing the fridge to refresh and give the kitchen a new look.

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