15 Creative Art Deco-style Room You’ll Love!

The trend is marked by geometric shapes, stylized curves, atmospheric lighting, and luxurious materials.

If you like sophisticated details and, at the same time, classic, Art Deco is perfect for you! The style is composed of geometric shapes, stylized curves, atmospheric lighting, and exuberant materials – such as marble, velvet, brass, and chrome –, making the room very elegant.

Originating in France, it became a trend in Europe and the US in the early 20th century. Today, the “neo” Art Deco, which includes contemporary touches, takes over the design world.

We selected 15 rooms, original and modern, inspired by the genre. Check out:

1- Glamour

Did I hear glamour? A dramatic bed contrasts the textured black walls, shiny brass fixtures, recessed furniture, and a bold combo of fabrics and graphic prints.

2- Laid-back Approach

With a laid-back approach, the soft blue palette ambiance includes custom marble and wood tables, upholstered headboards and retro lamps.

3- Big Design

Does having a small space prevent you from enjoying Art Deco? Not! To create a big design impact, focus on the walls. Bold colors, vintage sconces and a wall-mounted mini table are some options.

4- Blue Lover

Do you love blue? The color-laden bedroom has mirrored doors, lacquered wood panels, globe-shaped lamps and stained brass headboards.

5- Geometric Wallpaper

The geometric wallpaper draws attention in the elegant space. Black and white marble mosaic patterns are also part of the bathroom, creating continuity as well as a focal point. The luminaires in brass sconces; a mirror with a frame of the same material; velvet upholstery; and natural wood add other aspects of Art Deco and add shine, warmth and luxury to the environment.

6- Velvet

The bed’s velvet-upholstered detailing and a terrazzo-patterned rug, lined with Carrara marble, line up with elements of the 70s – such as the Raspberry-pink velvet armchairs, inspired by Pierre Paulin.

7- Set of metal elements

How about an accessible version of the glamor of the genre with a modern twist? Here, lush textures and reflective surfaces allow light to travel through the room. The set of metal elements provides a deep, warm look to accompany the simplistic color palette.

8- Handmade Headboard

The dramatic, handmade headboard is the highlight of this example. A pair of tall brass lamps add a retro touch to the bed frame.

9- Contrary to Minimalism and Maximalism

Contrary to minimalism, maximalism is the overlay of vibrant colors and the combination of prints and textures. The proof of this is this room, which presents a modern version of the style. Inserting wallpaper filled with designs, a curved wooden headboard, heavy velvet curtains, vintage lighting and a mix of materials from leather to bamboo, the ambience becomes very original.

10- Patterns and Finishes

Play with patterns and finishes! Geometric wallpaper and tiling are complemented by teal walls and bright green bathroom tiles.

11- The Rounded Edges

The rounded edges of the bed’s delicate frame are a subtle reference to the style. To complement the look, reading lamps on each side and timeless black and white bedside tables have been added.

12- Unique Headboard

This headboard is not just any piece! With a mirror, fabric panels and hand-painted, it stands out on the spot. The shapes and curves produce a sensual mood – one of the hallmarks of Art Deco.

13- Art Deco furniture

Placing original Art Deco furniture or a reproduction, like this white dresser, is an alternative to setting the trend in any interior. Plan eclectic contemporary decor with a touch of history, look for items with timeless lines and matching more modern items.

14- A whimsical headboard

A whimsical headboard, influenced by Art Nouveau, a luminaire with two round ends and a mixture of geometric shapes and patterns, together, form a new approach to the style.

15- Vintage furniture

Vintage furniture, personalized art, decorative objects made by artisans and design classics create a refined atmosphere full of color.

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