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16+ Stylish Kitchen Trends Will Appear in 2021

The coronavirus pandemic has affected many aspects of our lives! Following the spring and summer trends of 2021, covid-19 has also redesigned the interior design trends. Food is no exception! Luxury or home versions, country-style or industrial-style modern kitchens are reinventing themselves to meet the needs of our daily news. This year, they will be extra ergonomic and practical than ever. We will obtain more and extra optimized furniture here. The techniques of these furniture are varied and unforgettable due to the exquisite combination of colors and materials. Our article today specifically introduces 15 culinary trends to follow this year!

Want to know what the modern kitchen will look like in 2021? We have already said it, and then say it again: the new kitchen trend in 2021 is comfort and tranquility. To prove this to you, the editors of have discovered the latest ideas in stylish kitchen decoration. So go ahead and choose foods with attractive designs for us! From bright colors to innovative materials, to smart and modern storage spaces, here are 15 ambitious but achievable projects!

1- Stylish marble kitchen decoration

Although we have seen a lot of new products, interior decoration experts can be sure: the strong kitchen trends that have emerged in recent years still make sense! This is why we are not surprised that marble finds its place in current kitchen trends. Noble materials are unique, it decorates the gourmet room, creating a refined and high-end atmosphere. Despite specific and fairly frequent maintenance, it is still the first choice for kitchen and bathroom accessories. Marble is known for its resistance, beauty and ability to bring a certain elegance to interior spaces. In the kitchen of 2021, it will bring you more elegance and style! In short, we like its stylish appearance!

2- Wooden key

In 2020, the kitchen will remain to establish its status as an excellent living space, and residents only want to feel good in it. If we have to define the most popular and the most popular materials simultaneously, then we will talk about wood. It can be decorated with a gourmet room from A to Z, from dark to clear, original, and even with visible veins, the central island, splash plate, workbench, floor and various kitchen utensils are all right. However, this year, we hope that it is clear and easy to understand, and uses embellishment to highlight the central island in the waxed concrete, as shown above.

3- Black kitchens are a major trend in kitchen decoration in 2021

If the possibilities in the past were relatively limited, the reason why there are puzzles in today’s kitchens is that there are so many decoration options on the market. However, one thing is sure, the opportunity should not be trivial, because the design of the kitchen can be used for ten years. The question that follows is: to maintain the classics or to innovate. Add the following question: Which kitchen color trend to choose in 2021? Is wallpaper in the kitchen a great idea? Is black cooking a year obsolete? Of course, if the white kitchen dominates the market in recent years, it will be turned black by the podium! This inclination started seven years ago and collapsed three years ago. We keep hearing “black is the new white”. The black paint is placed in the kitchen in a fashionable style, extending to the walls and all the decorative elements of the room: furniture, shelves, utensils, appliances, appliances, sinks, mixers, etc.

4- New kitchen trends in 2021: tomorrow’s kitchen will be decorated in color

Even if white and black maintain safe values, the kitchen will be colored in 2021. Most of the nuances that can inspire the color of the new year will become strong and profound. The color of vitamins will appear in the gourmet room. In particular, we will find green, navy blue and duck blue. Don’t forget warm and warm colors, such as yellow and orange. Elegant colors or popular colors will be unique in the kitchen in 2021. However, experts recommend focusing on shades that you will not get bored with, which will gradually age over time.

5- Kitchen with two islands

White and wooden kitchen decor trends

As already said, the kitchen trends of 2021 are all about convenience! This is why the central island will continue to occupy an important place in the kitchen of tomorrow. Layout elements can make the food room feel comfortable and efficient. But what do you think of a kitchen with two islands? According to the kitchen designer, these two islands are the main part of the kitchen function enhancement without affecting traffic flow. Delimiting different areas is a practical solution: cooking area and dining area. In addition, with the extension of two levers, washing becomes a breeze. Therefore, closing your eyes is a trend in the kitchen!

6- Kitchen furniture without handles-grab the limelight

Trendy Kitchen Decoration 2021 Central Island Black Marble Layout Black Kitchen

With the emergence of the central island, marking the beginning of the “American” open kitchen era, cabinets have become more and more cautious. XL handles are no longer needed, and now the trend in kitchens is exposed doors! More elegant and modern, they are implemented with a push rod system or groove (the space carved in the door can catch it). Simple, discreet and easy to install, cabinets without handles are also very easy to clean!

7- Storage room integrated into the cabinet

Practical furniture new kitchen trends 2021

The built-in pantry is quickly becoming the star of your kitchen! Since the advent of refrigerators, this kind of furniture has previously been considered indispensable. However, this year, he plans to come back and redesign the kitchen. In addition to the stylish appearance, the integrated pantry will also attract us in 2021 because it rhymes with organizational excellence. The pantry provides a super convenient panoramic view of all food. Although some people choose to install their kitchen in the room, others like to integrate it into the kitchen cabinet.

8- Kitchen Trends 2021: Golden Finish

Kitchens and Trends Decorating Creative Kitchens in 2021

Matte or shiny gold accessories enhance the party attire. In the interior decoration, including in the kitchen, the good use of golden decoration will only make the gourmet room shine. When illuminating an already bright room, gold is unparalleled. Accordingly, if you require to get rid of the boredom of a white kitchen, choose a golden finish. Sinks, faucets, chandeliers, dishes, chairs, tiles… you have too many choices! Moreover, because the little black dress and golden jewellery complement each other, the black kitchen with golden color always has the greatest effect. Same as above for navy blue or duck blue kitchen.

9- Multiple suspensions are installed above the workbench

Black kitchen new kitchen trend 2021

In the modern kitchen, the island has greatly redesigned the customer’s lighting needs. If a simple ceiling light was enough to illuminate the workbench a few years ago, it is no longer the case today. We need as many light sources as the work area. This is why the new kitchen trend in lighting is shaking the web! The chandelier is not only practical, but also a decorative element in itself, which can perfectly reshape contemporary kitchens. If you choose to use designer chandeliers to illuminate the kitchen on the island, it is best to multiply them together! This idea? Provide enough lighting for the workbench and add features to the gourmet room!

10- Contrasting Kitchen

The mix of shades and elements creates a contrasting kitchen.

11- Layout of Walnut

Practical and symmetrical layout of walnut.

12- Hand-painted Kitchen

Navy blue and white hand-painted kitchen

13- Kitchens and back kitchens

Kitchens and back kitchens will be the focus of attention in 2021. A modern kitchen with a blue painted central island.

14- Drawers

Designer drawers and practical drawers from floor to ceiling.

15- Retro Style

The retro-looking kitchen is back!

16- Simple Style

Simple but welcoming cuisine and blue lacquered wood marble.

17- Design and Furniture

Design partition, glass roof, self-stable furniture to define the kitchen area.