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16 Stunning Brick Decorating Ideas for You

Simple, cheap, durable and easy to clean! Looking for a way to further customize the look of your home? The bricks are good options for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry and living rooms. The best of everything? Work on a variety of design styles! Do you have an industrial loft ? Contemporary house ? Retro ? No problem, as the element manages to fit easily.

Today, its popularity has increased so much, that it is produced in different colors and materials – glass or stone and finishes ranging from matte, glazed and high gloss.

Include mortar in the game! The product in high contrast black with white pieces gives an industrial touch. In cases of colored coating and mortar in the same shade, the effect is the opposite. If you opt for the traditional white on white, the result will be a clean look.

The pattern can also be tailored to your taste. Do you prefer vertical, horizontal or herringbone shape. Do not know?

To discover your preferences and what would look good in your home, check out the 16 brick decorating ideas:

1- Shiny and Textured backsplash

With a clear, shiny and textured backsplash, placed vertically, it transforms a classic look into a modern one. Because it is very subtle and blends in perfectly with the wall and shelves, its presence next to the blue ceramic tiles on the island does not leave the space chaotic.

2- Matte Navy Blue

The matte navy blue added a fresh and modern feature.

3- Classic and Clean

The texture of the bricks is classic and clean. It also helps to enhance other kitchen furniture – such as wooden shelves and shaker-style gray cabinets.

4- Minimalist Background

In a vertical scroll, the backlash became a clean, minimalist background for a dark, matte exhaust.

5-  Herringbone Kitchen

The herringbone example is super charming with the oak floor and shaker cabinets.

6- The Beige Color

The beige color of the coated surface in this environment complements the pale oak floor and works well with the palette. The presence of natural textures – such as marble countertops and braided island seats – makes everything cozy.

7- Dramatic Effect

Looking for a dramatic effect for any room in your home? The black and white striped pattern was fun in this bathroom! The design-filled shower curtain enhances the vigorous geometric style.

8- Glass pieces

Glass pieces create a subtle backsplash for the double sink. Plumbing in silver tones, frameless mirrors, door details, moldings and lighting make the environment harmonious.

9-  Original Masonry 

Here, the element coexists with the original masonry exposed in an area of ​​the bathroom. The timeless setting is completed with a tiled floor, pedestal sink and vintage lighting.

10- Herringbone Bathroom

The herringbone model was fixed to the back wall and floor, bringing depth and uniform finish. Fittings line up with the two shades, while the wooden sink adds a touch of warmth.

11- Versatile Classic

The floor-to-ceiling frame was made with the same materials the owner used to transform her kitchen – by choosing a versatile classic you make your project more economical and the overall appearance of the house seamless.

12- Black finish and handrail

Have you thought about including the flooring on the entrance stairs of your house or any room? The black finish and handrail fit the design very well.

13- Mirrored Bronze

The mirrored bronze finish adds a metallic touch and contrasts with the dark color scheme.

14- Gray Brick Wall

The gray brick wall reaches to the ceiling of this kitchen.

15- Dark and Shiny

Imitating the coating used in the kitchen, here, the bar is highlighted with dark and shiny pieces, keeping the overall cohesive design. All the way to the ceiling, the element creates depth and a feeling of room within a room.