15 Complete Solution for Bathroom With Porcelain Tiles

In stores you will find the most varied options to decorate the bathroom with porcelain. Read our article and learn more! If you are looking for excellent options for a bathroom project with porcelain tiles, you need to go to a store. In our units, we offer complete solutions for this environment, which needs to be practical and beautiful. Coatings, countertops, niches, mortar, grout… The complete solution for your bathroom

Therefore, if you are an architect or decorator, you will find in our stores a catalog of diverse products, which will certainly please all your customer profiles.

The same goes for the final consumer, who also finds a wide variety of solutions for bathroom tiles with porcelain and other types of coatings.

Ready to discover everything that the universe can offer for your bathrooms? So, read on!

1- See options for lining bathrooms

Virtually all porcelain tile options can be used to cover the walls and floor of bathrooms.

You can search our catalog and also find monoporous options, mosaics and special cuts from Officina.

By making this choice, you can use and abuse your creativity. The only exception we make is for the shower area floor and other spots that can easily get wet.

In these spaces, we always guide the use of porcelain tiles with a natural texture and not polished ones. That’s because the polished finish can become slippery with water.

See, below, some options for lining the bathroom with porcelain tiles found in stores!


The lighter tones give a minimalist touch to the bathrooms

The light colors are ideal for those who want a bathroom with minimalist features. The walls covered with this tone bring a freshness to the environment, while bringing unlimited possibilities of combinations.

The Rosewood, which is part of the Unique line is an example solution for bathroom with porcelain tile in light – colored and can be used to compose a charming atmosphere, as you can see in the picture above.

This coating option is also found in the form of ballasts, giving a continuous surface appearance in bathrooms.


Dark colors convey luxury and elegance in bathroom designs

If you want to be daring and use a dark tone in your bathroom with porcelain tiles, we have another interesting option in the Unique line. We are talking about Classic Marquinia porcelain tile .

The dark color of this porcelain tile brings more personality, luxury and sophistication to your environment. In addition, it allows for the most diverse combinations, especially with items in a golden finish and strategic use of lighting.


Your bathroom with porcelain tiles may have the same hue as the rare stones of the French Alps

One of the rarest stones in the world, found in a cave in Aime, in the Savoie region of the French Alps, it enchants for its particular variation in shades of bluish gray and light veins. It is reproduced on the Bleu de Savoie porcelain tile.

The 120×120 format, available in natural and external finish, allows for the coating of bathroom walls and floors, giving a tone of unity to the environment. Without a doubt, this is an excellent option to decorate your bathroom environment.


The tiles are a classic coating in bathrooms

If you are thinking of using insert-type coatings to decorate your bathroom, Bonbon is one of the most interesting option.

They are like porcelain tiles with different color and finish options. They are shaped like small truffles, bringing a very modern and differentiated look.


Elements that refer to nature are reproduced in porcelain tiles

Brush movement reveals nuances and forms surprising layers of color. This is what we can see in the Gouache line. It is not a porcelain tile, it is a monoporous one (for wall use only).

This coating will bring to your bathroom the charm of painting, combined with the practicality of porcelain.


Oro Bianco is an excellent option to give a classic feel to bathrooms

Another option for those who want a lighter porcelain tile for the bathroom and with veins that turn into marble, the Oro Bianco, from the Timeless line, is a very pleasant option.

Marble reproductions, it is worth remembering, are the architects’ preference for classic bathroom decor.

It allows you to make beautiful combinations, like the one shown in the project above, which brings the bathroom accessories in a golden color. The gold contrasts well with the white and the porcelain tile veins, giving an incredible finish to the environment.


The horizons line brings the world into your bathroom

If you want to give your bathroom a more rustic look and use brick lining, a good idea is Linha Horizontes, by Pedro Andrade.

This coating brings the essence of the places where the journalist and architecture enthusiast has visited on his countless trips around the world.

9- Check out the possibilities for furnishing a bathroom with porcelain tiles

In addition to the best options for lining the bathroom with porcelain tiles and other types of coating, such as monoporous ones, which give a beautiful and functional appearance to the walls, in Portobello Shop stores you will also find several possibilities to furnish the environment .

Check out, below, some of the options found in our units!


Porcelain tile countertops are exclusive

They are functional and safe options, which can make all the difference in the decoration of your environment.

Porcelain tile countertops give the bathroom a prime area status. In addition, they have all the advantages that this coating brings, such as the ease of cleaning.

11- VATS

Porcelain tiles are molded in different shapes and can make a difference in your bathroom. There are several novelties in this segment, including the tank with click valve.


Porcelain tile niches make your bathroom much more organized

The niches are porcelain tile compartments inserted in the bathroom walls, which serve to optimize space.

They were designed to make the environment more aesthetically pleasing, in addition to being used to store hygiene and beauty items, such as creams, shampoos and soaps.

You can also use them to decorate the bathroom, using plants or other accessories.


The covers for bathtubs can also be made in porcelain, giving a different appearance to your bathroom.

14- Discover the bathroom decor options

Several bathroom accessories

The stores have dishes and metals, which can be used in the composition of your bathroom, bringing even more functionality to the space. There are showers, faucets, drains, showers and other details that make all the difference. The stores can also make special cuts, according to your preference.

Keep looking for inspiration for your environments!

15- Mortar and Grout

The stores also feature exclusive mortar and grout. It has developed ideal products for your bathroom and all other environments. There’s nothing like having the convenience of acquiring porcelain tiles and their high-performance complements in the same place, right? It is for your safety and convenience that we have the complete solution for your project.

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