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Discover 10 Styles to Use Marbled Porcelain Tiles

Nowadays, porcelain tiles have been one of the most used materials for lining the house. In addition to being very versatile, it adds sophistication to the environment and a feeling of spaciousness. The pieces reproduce various materials such as marbled porcelain, granite, and wood and are requested by clients and architects for having a lower cost-benefit ratio.

The great advantage of porcelain is the excellent reproduction of materials. Marble, for example, is not an accessible material. However, it is one of the most admired and requested, as it has a beautiful appearance. Thus, porcelain is chosen by thousands of people for having significant advantages, as mentioned above.

The porcelain tile that reproduces marble is very versatile and can be applied in different environments and replace some elements. We have separated for you ten ways to use porcelain tiles imitating marble to learn a little more about the material’s versatility. Check out!

1- Marbled porcelain on the living room floor

Room with porcelain tiles reproducing marble covering the floor and walls, brown sofa, and gold floor lamp.

Living room with porcelain tiles imitating marble in light tones, leaded sofa, lead floor lamp, and glazed door with long white curtain.

Living room with white marbled porcelain floor with white puff sofa with colored cushion, blue armchair, gray wall, and glazed back wall.

Room with porcelain floor imitating marble, gray walls with TV and wooden shelf and light ceiling.

Room with porcelain floor reproducing white marble, white 3D coating on the back wall, long wooden rack with TV, and white sofa with blue pillows.

As it is an exquisite material, the porcelain tile that reproduces marble can cover the floor of the living room or even the dining room. It is possible to choose colors such as beige, grey, white and black, depending on the room’s decoration.

2- Marbled porcelain on the kitchen floor

Kitchen with porcelain floor reproducing marble, blue cabinet with pink details, round white table with lilac chairs, and pendant lamps with transparent balls.

Kitchen with white cabinets with imitation brown marble floors, wooden countertops with wooden benches, white pendant lamps, and glass doors dividing the room.

In the kitchen, the porcelain tile that reproduces marble looks lovely on the floor. In addition to being a durable material, which can be applied in environments in contact with water, the porcelain tile, which reproduces white marble, provides the kitchen with a feeling of cleanliness.

3- Marbled porcelain tiles on the bathroom floor

Bathroom with white marble floor, white walls, glass shower, wooden stool, and straw basket.

Bathroom with the marbled finish on the floor and walls, white countertop with details, golden faucets, shower, and rectangular mirror.

For a modern and sophisticated project, the porcelain tile that reproduces marble is often used to cover the floor of bathrooms. You can determine the color you like best, harmonizing with the rest of the decor.

4- Marbled porcelain on the bedroom floor

Double bedroom with wood paneling in place of the headboard, top cabinet, and marbled floor.

In addition to leaving the environment clean, marbled porcelain tiles also provide a cozy atmosphere. It is possible to insert the material on the room’s walls and floor, making the space more sophisticated.

5- Marbled porcelain in the lavatory

Bathroom with sink lined with white marbled porcelain, wall lined with black marbled porcelain.

Bathroom with lower half wall and sink lined with white marbled porcelain, the other half painted in a neutral tone, wood paneling on the sink wall with rectangular mirror with LED light.

How about inserting the porcelain tile in the bathroom at home? As it is a space used by visitors, choosing materials that provide elegance and refinement is excellent. The porcelain tile that reproduces marble can cover the floor, the walls, and the sink’s countertop, leaving the environment well harmonized.

6- Marbled porcelain on the headboard

Bedroom with double bed and headboard wall covered in white marbled porcelain.

Another way to use the porcelain tile that reproduces marble is at the head of the bed. You can replace an upholstered headboard with a marbled porcelain tile panel, giving your room an elegant feel.

7- Marbled porcelain in the kitchen pediment

Kitchen with white cabinets with golden details sink wall and porcelain-lined countertop reproducing white marble and gilded objects.

Gourmet kitchen with barbecue and sink wall covered in porcelain tiles reproducing gray marble, white countertops, wooden table with wooden chairs, mirrored cabinets, and white floor.

It is possible to use the marbled porcelain tile on the entire pediment of the kitchen. To harmonize the environment and leave it with a unique coating, you can choose to insert the porcelain tile that reproduces marble on the floor, walls, kitchen countertop, and behind the sink. The material is versatile and has high durability.

8- Marbled porcelain on one wall in the bathroom only

Bathroom with a wall covered in dark marbled porcelain, wooden floor, and white bathtub.

The porcelain tile that reproduces marble can also cover just one bathroom wall, giving a special touch to the environment, as it is a sophisticated coating.

9- Marbled porcelain on the bench

Kitchen with marbled coating on the sink wall, countertop and floor, wood and white cabinet, and glass doors.

Kitchen with marbled coating on the floor and countertop, gray walls with built-in designed furniture, and stainless steel appliances.

It is a material with high durability and is very resistant; it is widely used to cover countertops and kitchen tables. Even though you don’t put it on the floor and walls, it harmonizes well with other materials.

10- Marbled porcelain in full bathrooms

Bathroom with marbled wall and floor coverings, wood cabinet with white countertop, and rectangular mirror.

The bathroom has imitation marble lining on the wall and floor, a white sink countertop with silver accents, and mirrors with silver frames.

The porcelain tile that reproduces marble is a versatile material that can be used in the entire bathroom. A great option is to choose a color to cover the walls, floor, and countertop of the sink.