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Minimalist Decor Style Features and Environments

Minimalist Decor Style Features and Environments

The minimalist decor focuses on the lightness of simple lines – see examples!

You may have heard the phrase “less is more”. When it comes to the house, it translates into minimalist decorating style . A trend that always returns, this way of decorating and living is governed by the concept that we can have a minimum of objects, furniture and items in the house, focusing on beauty combined with functionality. We explain a little more about this, with beautiful examples of minimalism!

What is minimalist style?

There are two cultures well known for their minimalism: Japanese and Scandinavian. It is mainly in them that the minimalist decoration is inspired. The first one is based on small properties, focused on detachment and cleaning environments, as is done by Marie Kondo and her method, super-popular because of the series produced by Netflix. The Japanese girl teaches, in short, that we need to keep at home only what fulfills a purpose and makes us happy. In addition to a more visually pleasing home with less clutter, it also encourages a less consumer lifestyle.

The minimalism in décor also governs the Scandinavian style, but in a sense more connected to mobile. They should be beautiful, with simple strokes and always focused on their function – three precepts that made Scandinavian design famous around the world!

In recent times, hygge has also stood out as part of the Scandinavian style and big trend. The concept is Danish and focuses on creating comfortable environments through handcrafted pieces, made mainly from straw, crochet and knitting.

To apply minimalism at home, it is possible to join the two strands. Of course, in addition to cleanliness, detachment and function, both also have some aesthetic features that make them stand out.

A lot of wood

A lot of wood

a lot of wood 1

The use of wood draws attention to the minimalist style. This material is present in both coverings and furniture, whenever possible with a natural finish. The woody tones are considered warm, helping to make the minimalist environment cozy.



White 1

More than any other color, white is often combined with wood in minimalist environments. The nuances, from ice to off-white , are used to emphasize the lightness, spaciousness and light of the house.

Good lighting

Good lighting

Speaking of light… it is another main element, mainly of Scandinavian minimalism. As the countries that belong to this group – Denmark, Norway and Sweden – are very cold and the day gets dark earlier during the winter, their decor tends to focus on abundant and well thought-out lighting. In fact, they think of everything that brings comfort, coziness and warmth.

Good lighting 1

Therefore, to create a good minimalist environment, you need to pay attention to the lighting fixtures. This can be done either with a renovation, focused on creating sets from a new lighting project, or with the purchase of new lighting fixtures to replace the ones you already have. The floor models, which can be placed in any corner of the house without a lot of work, are charming in living rooms, reading spaces and bedrooms.


The main accessory of this style of decoration is nature! You can bet there will be a potted plant in any space that claims to be truly minimalist. Bringing green into the home has great value for style. Bet on strategically placed pots. Without exaggeration, you can combine floor tiles with hanging vases for a unique look in your decor.



As objects are few, the decor is transformed through the variation of textures. Wood, again, is already an element that guarantees this in the environment. Besides her, we often see blankets in the room, maxi tricot objects , pillows with different fabrics and prints…

Other Style Colors

Other Style Colors 1
We make a lot of mention of white and woody – but that doesn’t mean that the minimalist style in the decor can’t count on other nuances. Quite the opposite! The tonal variation helps bring depth to the decor, in addition to the much-loved warmth. We just don’t find exaggerations, vibrant reds and bright oranges, for example. The presence of excessive colors causes visual pollution.

Different colors usually play a more auxiliary role, not a main one. This is not to say that the opposite never happens. Nothing is a fixed rule, and although it is less often, it is possible to find shades other than white as the focus of the minimalist palette. Even black can star in this decoration.

Other Style Colors 2

The pink burned and the ashes are two colors that look good together and match and with this style. Following this line, bet on discreet colors, even pastel shades! Your pillow, ottoman, vase and even armchair deserve a splash of color.

Minimalist furniture

Simple lines are the main feature of the minimalist style in the decor. The designers’ goal when designing their furniture is to create functional pieces that do not compromise on beauty. For this, they require a lot of creativity!

Minimalist furniture

The straight lines are most often found in parts that we buy for the house. Some iconic pieces do not overlook the beauty of organic curves, such as the Wishbone chair, created by the Dane Hans Wegner. To this day, it is considered current and is seen around dining tables in rooms of all styles.

Minimalist furniture 1

Another example of how minimalist simplicity is very creative and fantastic in furniture is the Bake Me a Cake lamp, by the duo Morten&Jonas. It goes beyond the ordinary by combining the design of a cake stand with the light function, with an oak base and a glass dome.



The minimalist style of decoration is more than a way to make the house more beautiful – it is also a way of life. By applying it to the decor, you commit to a more relaxed routine. It ensures less clutter as there are fewer objects. It’s easier to discover what’s out of place, returning the item to where it belongs, in the visually wide spaces guaranteed by white.

The style encourages this practice of having only what we have space to have, without drawers and closets “from the mess”, the constant checking of wardrobe items and a frequent desire to make the house its own private and cozy universe.

Minimalism in every room

We have separated some minimalist inspirations to decorate every corner of your home. Check out:

Entrance hall

Entrance hall 1
The minimalist décor starts at the entrance of the house or apartment! If this space will have any type of furniture, it is important that it be functional. Therefore, here we usually find items such as clothes racks, whether it’s a young man for the floor or hooks for the wall. They keep the coats, hats and umbrellas of the villagers. We also see the benches, which are used for putting on and taking off shoes.

Entrance hall 3

It is also common to see a dresser in this environment, accompanied by a mirror – often round or Adnet-style, a Scandinavian classic that consists of a mirror held by a leather strap.

Living and dining room

Living and dining room 1
The rug and blankets are the stars of the living room, warming the environment and residents on cold days. Here in Brazil, with a much more welcoming climate than in Europe, we can exchange these elements for straw baskets and wall decorations made of the same material. The rugs also stand out, with textures that are very pleasant to the feet, preferably made of natural fabrics.

Living and dining room 2

The wall can have sets of pictures and photographs. However, these murals are simpler and tend to be stylish due to the choice of simple frames combined with black and white images.

Living and dining room 3

Living and dining room 4

In the dining room, the luminaire steals attention, with unusual designs that emphasize the importance of light in any environment.


Kitchen 1

Kitchen 2

As the heart of the house, the kitchen needs good design. In the minimalist style of decor, this often translates into the use of light wood in cabinets and countertops. It warms the environment. Open shelves, featuring simple and delicate ceramics, are also very welcome.

Kitchen 3

With a well-made project, black can also be a protagonist of the decor “less is more” and is a trend in the kitchen.



Room 1
In Japanese culture, we find in some homes the habit of sleeping in beds that can even be stored away. This is the epitome of minimalism! For our routine, this may not be practical – but it reveals that we don’t always need a gigantic bed, with an ornate headboard and an excess of pillows.

Room 2

The minimalist rooms also make great use of rugs. Plants appear in this environment in small vases that brighten the decoration.



Of course, the bathroom could not be left out. There are many variations of this environment according to the minimalist style. We can find, for example, sinks without a cabinet. Because they are suspended, they are usually smaller and light in appearance.

WC 1

In these cases, the bathroom may have shelves to organize the bathroom items, or some other furniture, usually glass. Stair-style coat racks are widely used in these spaces to keep towels neat and handy. As a covering, subway tiles are a favorite in stylish bathrooms!

See how easy it is to print minimalist style in your home.