Kitchen Design

Kitchen Shelves: Beauty With More Organization

The kitchen is one of the rooms in the house that most needs organization and functionality. For this reason, investing in kitchen shelves is a valuable tip for those who do not give up the organization when decorating the kitchen, striving for a more realistic and usual environment.

See our decorating tips to make your home even more charming and stylish with shelves in the kitchen.

Kitchen decoration with white shelves, giving an air of spaciousness to the environment

We have separated tips and many inspiring photos of kitchen shelf decor to help you choose the shelf models that best suit your needs. After all, combining good taste and practicality is what we most want for an organized kitchen.

Why Invest in Kitchen Shelves?

Wooden shelves with colourful walls add more charm and modernity to the kitchen decor

One of the typically used environments in the house, the kitchen, has always been a meeting point and affection for family and friends. We prepare our daily meals and socialize with those we love the most. Nowadays, it is also common for the kitchen to be used as a leisure space to receive visits from friends and family, especially when we talk about a kitchen integrated with other house areas.

Therefore, the kitchen decoration needs to be well structured to make this environment more orderly, practical and pleasant for those who frequent this space in the house. It is precisely to optimize this space that the kitchen shelf can work.

Even for a small kitchen or a large kitchen, this place in the house is one of the most items to be stored, such as small appliances, mixers, food jars, toaster, pans and other kitchen utensils. For this, the kitchen shelf can help a lot, thus creating more space.

Shelves in the small kitchen help to optimize the environment and maintain organization

Small kitchen shelf 

Before choosing kitchen shelves, the ideal is to understand what best suits your decor

The shelf for small kitchens is a brilliant solution to organize this environment without interfering with circulation. It is possible to use the walls, which are often forgotten in kitchen decoration. This fact provides a significant optimization in the environment. But for that to happen, you need to find the ideal shelf sizes and models for your kitchen.

The best thing is for the small kitchen shelf to be made in neutral colours if the kitchen colour palette is already in more intense tones. If the kitchen is white or in light tones, the shelves can make all the difference in this environment.

It is important to remember that this type of shelf cannot cause visual pollution, as this makes the environment unpleasant and gives the feeling that it is smaller and disorganized. The purpose is not to overdo it. Choose the corners of the environment very carefully and add value to the kitchen decor.

How to organize shelves in the kitchen?

Invest in kitchen shelves that don’t overwhelm the look of the room

There are several models of kitchen shelves, but it is a fact that the excess of options ends up confusing at the time of purchase. Therefore, the main tip for choosing a kitchen shelf is thinking about the real needs that this accessory will help solve.

Note if there will be shelves to place small appliances such as a blender, sandwich makers, and decorative items such as potted plants or even to put recipe books. These choices are sure to influence when choosing your kitchen shelf size and design.

Kitchen shelf with product division by category

To organize the kitchen or even the gourmet area, the suggestion is to use the kitchen shelf to divide products by category. One of them can be used to support seasonings, olive oil and oil, while others can be used for pasta and biscuits. The kitchen shelf is also a wildcard to create a charming space and display a dining set or colourful pots and pans.

Another convenient tip for organizing your tiny kitchen shelf is to make use of baskets, kitchen organizer boxes, decorated glass jars.

The kitchen shelf models are endless on the market. They range from shallower shelves – which give the effect of a channel – to store spices and small plants to deeper ones that support groceries, appliances and dishes in general. Check out the most popular kitchen shelf ideas below and get inspired!

Wooden kitchen shelf

Demolition wood shelves add a rustic and super charming feel to the room

Versatile and multifunctional. Those are the best words to define wooden kitchen shelves. Perfect for bringing organization to spaces with little expense, the pieces help keep the spices and utensils most used in the preparation of dishes in the kitchen always visible.

The demolition wood shelves, for example, are great to bring an air of rusticity and sophistication to any room. If installing in the living room or any other internal room, our tip is to invest in the wooden shelf made with pink peroba. The material easily adapts to compositions located inside the house.

Creative Kitchen Shelves

Small wooden shelves fill that corner of the kitchen and help organize

If you want to change the decor of your room and have a kitchen with a style of its own, nothing is better than investing in creative kitchen shelf models.

While the box-shaped shelves give a modern look, the colourful wooden frames bring a relaxed and casual décor. They are ideal for retro and vintage style compositions, enhancing the joyful atmosphere of the space.

Regardless of the shelf model you choose for your kitchen decor, the important thing is to always keep in mind that, in addition to organizing your space, the shelves need to have a design, colour and shape that harmonize with any decor of the room.

Take advantage of the tips and make your kitchen look beautiful and, of course, even more organized.