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Unique Models and Ideas of Residential Kiosks

Unique Models and Ideas of Residential Kiosks 1

Currently, homes are being more and more decorated and, in addition to the traditional home model with conventional rooms, such as bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, laundry areas and bathrooms, homeowners are innovating in construction and especially in home decoration. When we talk about decoration, we are also talking about the space in the leisure area and nowadays this space is destined for the construction of kiosks and that is precisely what we are going to talk about. Below are models of residential kiosks.

Residential Kiosk Models

Today we have several models of residential kiosks and the most common are large, small, rectangular and round. Those kiosks built near the pool, gardens and also those built in the backyard are more common to see.

The materials used in these constructions can be masonry, wood, straw, thatch, tiles and piassava. Kiosks are usually built with barbecue grills, after all, who doesn’t like to have friends and family over for a nice barbecue? Below we have some kiosk models.

1. Simple Kiosks


This is the kiosk model that fits as one of the most traditional. It is simple, made in the backyard of a house and we can see that there is a barbecue.

2. Brick Barbecue


In this model, we can see a more sophisticated kiosk with a brick barbecue and a table with benches to receive friends and family.

3. Poolside Kiosk


We have this other poolside kiosk model that we also cite as one of the most built kiosks.

4. Balcony and Barbecue


This other kiosk is beautiful and brings the most traditional model of a kiosk. See that we have a balcony and a barbecue. This kiosk can also be built anywhere.

5. Kiosk with Hammocks


A kiosk can also be built in the way we see in the image, just to serve as a shade to place hammocks underneath and rest in your leisure area.

6. Pool and Garden


Another kiosk model by the pool that we have is the one in the image above. It is a very well built kiosk and matches the composition of the place.

7. Straw and tree trunk


We also have this simpler kiosk construction, made with straw and tree trunk benches and tables. This kiosk model is ideal to be made in larger quantities spread around the backyard of your beach house.

8. On Tiles


If you wish, you can make a kiosk-like the one above that follows the kiosk model shown above, but much more sophisticated and larger, in addition to being covered with tiles.

9. On Riverbank


A kiosk can also be built on the riverbank, as we can see this kiosk is ideal for those who like to stay closer to the water and can even be a good place for those who love fishing, so the kiosk protects from the sun.

10. Bar Kiosk


Finally, we have this last kiosk that was built with the purpose of protecting a bar and combining it with the place.

These are some models of Kiosks that have been drawing attention in the market.