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Modern and Large Closets Creative Inspirations

Modern and Large Closets

Many people look for models of Modern and Large Closets to organize their clothes and accessories and, of course, to have more practicality in daily life and when getting dressed. That’s why we brought inspirations of Modern and Large Closets for those who want to have an idea of ​​how to take advantage of the space at home and assemble a super beautiful closet that meets your needs.

Closet without a door

We can find several closet models and one of them is the one we are going to talk about, that is, the closet without a door, which is an ideal model for those who want a space to organize their things but want to reduce costs because it is a more affordable closet. With this closet model, you’ll be able to organize your pieces and view all of them whenever you want.

But of course, every closet has its advantages and disadvantages and to help you choose. The advantages are Parts all exposed and easy to see everything. Clothes and shoes are fresh and free from mould, mites and bad smells. More modern, as they differ from traditional cabinets. Lower cost when compared to the closet with doors. Ideal for tighter spaces where the door could take up more space.

The disadvantages of this model are the greater chance of the parts getting dusty. It leaves your mess on display, and if you don’t have great organizing habits it can be a bit tricky. The a constant need to dust off clothes. Care should be taken with lighting frequently, as direct light can fade clothes and shoes.

Closet models without doors

Closet without a door 1

Closet without a door 2

Closet without a door 3

Closet without a door 4

Closet without a door 5

We have separated some models of this closet for those who want to see how it is assembled and to serve as inspiration.

Closet with door

The closet with doors is one of the most traditional models and is a project for those who want to dare too, after all, even if the closet has a door, it can be glass and thus facilitate your viewing of clothes and even protect them from dust. For those who want to hide that basic mess, you can opt for closed doors.

The advantages of having a closet with doors are Clothing and shoes protected from dust accumulation. It leaves the little messes hidden, which is a great option for those who cannot keep the organization in their daily routine. Possibility of making mirrored doors, which gives the impression of a bigger environment and you’ll still have an infinite number of mirrors to tidy up.

The disadvantages of a closet with a door are: More traditional because it looks more like cabinets. Due to the ports, it is more difficult to have an overview of all the parts. Possibility of mould, bad smell and mites due to the lack of air circulation between clothes.

Closet models with doors

Closet models with doors 1

Closet models with doors 2

Closet models with doors 3

Closet models with doors 4

Closet models with doors 5

Closet models with doors 6

Check out some closet models with doors for those who want to make a closet like this at home.

Wired Closet

We also have the wiring closet that is nothing more than a model made of iron and that you can adjust to assemble according to your needs.

The advantages of a wire closet: Possibility to dismantle if you move, so you can take the closet to your new home. Installation at the desired height. Easy installation, which allows you to do without labour and assemble yourself. Different modules can be purchased separately as needed. As it is divided into modules, it is possible to buy the separate parts, that is, you do not need to buy everything at once, so it is possible to buy a little at a time and save money for new parts. Ventilation in closet parts. Cheaper price when compared to custom closets.

The disadvantages of this closet are: The furniture is unplanned and therefore you will need to think carefully about the space and placement of the furniture. Open spaces, which allow the accumulation of dust on clothing and shoes. Need to keep the closet organized, as it is open. Simpler model.

Wire Closet Models

Wired Closet 1

Wired Closet 2

Wired Closet 3

Wired Closet 4

See some models of wire closets and choose the model that best fits what you want.

Closet Designs

For those who are looking for more inspiration to build a closet, we have separated some ideas for closet projects that will help you choose the model that suits your needs and also the space you have at home. After choosing the model that best suits your needs, choose a renowned company to assemble your closet or do it yourself, using your creativity. See some more models and tips for organizing your stuff in a beautiful closet:


Back to Romanticism Closet, designed by Cindia Chaim. The lamp is by Tec Lustres.


Closet with sober decoration makes the environment classic.


Integrated into the closet, the bathroom of the couple’s suite brings pigue marble countertops (Euromax) and lacquer and oak cabinets (Marcenaria Oliveira).


Modern Men’s Closet, designed by Ulysses Costa.


Female Closet, designed by Caroline Gomes, is a clean and delicate environment.


The space is completely automated: the hangers are all rotating. Niches shelter the shoes and armchairs allow the owner of the space to receive and celebrate with her friends.


The closet, with glass supports, serves to house clothes and also work materials, such as the notebook. See how interesting and very creative.


The cabinets are coated with lacquer and the pouffe in the centre of the room has a print signed by Luciano Martins.


With bright colours, lacquer shelves and an “indiscreet” sofa, the Female Closet is the perfect place to store clothes, shoes and accessories.


The sliding door with a mirror closes the closet, which has lacquered shelves and acrylic-fronted drawers for easy viewing of the pieces. On the dresser, the coloured handles are by Rupee Rupee.


For this closet, the solution was to install two different types of doors, both of frosted glass. Sliding ones are near the entrance, guarding slanted shelves for shoes.


If the budget or deadline is tight, how about a closet with ready-made modules?


The closet designed by architect Toninho Noronha allows you to keep clothes free of dust but within sight.

These were some tips that we brought to those who are looking for an idea of ​​how to build a modern and large closet. Now that you’ve got a base, just set up your space at home and organize your stuff in a closet just for you.