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Bathroom Sink: See Which Is Best for Your Environment

Bathroom sink

Before choosing the ideal bathroom sink, learn about the different models

When we talk about bathrooms, we need to think about three different environments: the toilet, the common bathroom and the coveted bathroom. Several decor details differentiate these spaces – one of them appears significantly in all: the bathroom sink.

It may seem super simple, after all, it is “just the corner where we wash our hands”. The truth is that it’s much more than that – it can be a starting point or even a highlight of the environment, no matter the size.

The importance of sinks

The importance of sinks

It can be hard to think about and accept, but bathroom sinks are very important. Furthermore, they can be beautiful, with a strong decorative appeal. In the lavatories, for example, they are the stars of the show, practically the first thing to be seen at the entrance to space.

Different sinks for each environment



Did you know that you can let your imagination run wild when decorating your bathroom? This environment can be relaxed and take on different configurations, from a different floor to a nice wallpaper.

The sink is not left out: in this space, you can even invest in a more sculptural model, which impresses visitors and the residents themselves with its beauty. This is the case of carved stone sinks, for example, which are delicate and made especially for the environments in which they are located.

Toilet. 1

The advantage of the toilet is that it does not need a cabinet or closet for personal belongings as is the case with other bathrooms. Therefore, suspended sinks are very welcome in the environment. They still have one more advantage: due to their lighter design, without being connected to a large structure, they help to make space appear wider.

This is the case with pieces such as Celite’s Net washbasin. Created to be installed suspended, it has the depth of the tub suitable for washing hands and support for items such as soap, eliminating supports and hardware on the wall, for example. Ideal for small spaces!

Common bathroom

Common bathroom

There isn’t much secrecy about sinks in common bathrooms. Unlike toilets, these are usually accompanied by a cabinet.

Therefore, when choosing your bathroom sink, you need to consider its installation with this piece. You must decide between a recessed, semi-recessed, flush-mounted, stand-up or suspended tub, each explained later.

Yes, suspended sinks can also appear in bathrooms – but they are most often used in large formats, with a lower cabinet without being built into them. The essential thing is to always act according to your personal taste – get inspired, look for references and make a list of all the models you like the most and, of course, they fit in your bathroom.



Here, we find the same sinks as the common bathroom. However, there is a detail: it is normal to find them in pairs, intended for the simultaneous use of a couple. While one resident shaves, for example, the other washes his face or makes up.

Bathroom 1

This is because the bathrooms are larger spaces, dedicated to personal care. it is the kind of environment that represents a spa at home, with all the furniture, accessories and yes, even the sink, reflecting this very special feature.

Every rule has an exception. Although important, you can dispense with the cabinet in the bathroom. Just make sure there are other spaces suitable for storage – such as a retro pharmacy style haberdashery, which will bring functionality and charm to the decor.

How to choose the right sink?

That’s the question that doesn’t want to be silenced. With so many options on the market, how do you determine which of these bathroom sinks is really the best for you? Before starting the renovation, you need to understand each type of sink so you can see how they can make a difference in your bathroom. The tub models are: recessed, semi-fit, support and suspended.

Built-in vat

Built-in vat 1

If you are looking for something traditional, the built-in tub is a perfect choice. It is fitted to the workbench and then glued underneath. They are easy to identify: just open the case. If you see the vat overhang taking up a lot of space, it’s probably this model.

Built-in sinks have a kind of subcategory: the overlay sinks. While the common built-in sink is completely level with the sink, its edges are apparent.

Built-in vat 2

The effect, in addition to being beautiful, is quite functional: the edges of this bathroom sink act as a protection against splashes. With the built-in model, there is great concern that the countertop material is quite water-resistant – that’s why we see many sinks like this made of marble or granite. In the case of overlapping models, the choice of material ends up being smoother.

Semi-fitted tub

Semi-fitted tub

The look of this tub is quite characteristic: one part of the piece is inside the countertop, while the other is projected beyond it.

In addition to being beautiful, this effect is ideal for smaller bathrooms. Counters do not need to be wide to accommodate a larger size semi-fitting bowl.

Of support

Of support

The name itself says: this vat is the one that is completely supported on the bench or counter. The square models look beautiful accompanied by cabinets with exactly the same width measurements. The ovals are a charm for the washrooms.

Depending on the models, the faucet or the mixer can be placed on the bench or in the tub. If you choose the second option, make sure your faucet is high enough for the comfort of whoever uses the sink and to avoid splashing.

Of support 1

Incept’s P3 support bowl combines with washbasins. Oval and sold in black, it is an example of a different style of this type of piece.

Suspended vat

Suspended vat

This is the tub that we explained at the beginning, the suspended bathroom sink is the one that is not connected to other elements, such as countertops and cabinets. Its design is usually more functional, with high edges or adaptations that support items such as soap.

Carved sinks

Carved sinks 1

The carved sink is a stylish alternative for decorating your bathroom. It can be made of marble, granite, porcelain and other stones with good water resistance. The difference from any other bathroom sink is that it is made directly on the countertop material.

Carved sinks 2

The end result can be either a suspended sink or a “tower” style, upright. Regardless, one thing cannot be denied: they automatically make any environment richer.

Bathroom Sink Trends

Your bathroom sink can be on top of decorating trends. See below some current trends :



When planning the bathroom countertop, marble stands out as one of the most used materials. It signals sophistication and good taste, despite being less resistant than granite.

Metals as part of the decor

Metals as part of the decor

Bathroom metals not only add functionality to the bathroom. In modern projects, they are also decorative items that transform the look of the countertop.


Wood 1

Wood 2

For a long time, wood was excluded from bathroom decor, but in recent years it has come back with a vengeance. The material, when used on the countertop, makes the space more sophisticated, rustic, welcoming and relaxing. As the wood comes into contact with water, it is very important to make it waterproof.



Like wood, concrete is another material that appears among the trends for modern bathrooms. It invokes a rougher, more industrial style.

What did you think of the sink models? Discover something you didn’t know yet.