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12 Ideas for Incorporating Green Color Into Each Room

What color goes with green ? There is always a saying that green is for courage. But you have to know how to combine them for a perfect color for any room in our home. There are also many shades of green to decorate our walls, furniture or fabrics, from the lightest green to the darkest olive or the most striking apple green. So below we can see a large The idea of ​​discovering colors that blend with green.

Ideas for incorporating green into each room

After looking at how green can be combined with different colors, what better way to look at how we can combine it with each environment? For many, the basic idea of ​​the power to combine color in a room is: painting on the wall But depending on the color scheme we choose, incorporating green is easy if we choose the right furniture or basic details.

1- Green living room

If you have a small room, you can paint the walls in light green tones. More than anything because it will make the room more light. It is best to choose the main wall and leave the others in the base color or a much lighter shade.

To add contrast, opt for light-colored furniture. Details are also important to be able to include green. You can place side walls and add both rugs and cushions or even sofas in our primary colors.

2- Bedroom with green

In the bedroom, especially the double bedroom is often seen how. Curtains or decorative details turn green. Let the walls choose neutral or light tones that allow our relaxation. Of course, for the youth room it is worth combining a striking green color, as it also brings joy to the light.

3- Kitchen and green

Basics and essentials in the kitchen Again, we are faced with more harmonious combinations if we have very bright tones. In this case, both Cabinets such as countertops may also have a similar green color like pistachio.

To avoid overloading, opt for details in softer tones or in simple prints without vivid colors.

4- Green restaurant?

we will choose something Furniture in all colors except green . Green hope we leave again for details. upholstery of chairs or the same upholstery, lamps or pictures, and even mirrors. Pasting on the walls should be avoided, although to your taste, choose light tones, which give freshness and softness.

5- Color mixed with water green

Including aquamarine green

Aquatic greens, also known as Aguamarina, are mixed twice. It can be said that there is a touch of green. but also blue It is without a doubt the most extraordinary, clear and intense result. To create a luxurious atmosphere In addition to romance, this color can also be combined with light brown shades. Beige or cream will suit aqua green. There is also a pastel pink to complete the chic style.

Of course, we can’t forget the basic colors white and pearl gray, which, as neutral tones, would also be perfect for a magical decor. For double the freshness, opt for a brush with lemon color.

6- Colors that match the green on the wall

If you choose to paint your walls green, you need to decorate them that match the color scheme you choose. If the colors are very bright, it is better to keep the furniture and other details in the basic or neutral tones. That is, white or cream would be a good idea. That way you will have a file. balance in your decor.

Although, as we know, there is a taste for everything. But there are opposite options as well. Bright green walls and furniture in the same style. An acidic or magenta tone will give us a special glow. But it is not always used in small quantities because we can be very saturated with color. If the color scheme of the walls is lighter, you can bet. dark wood furniture to create excellent contrast

Of course, if the room is small, opt for white to give the room more depth and light. Therefore, if in doubt, it is best to use white and beige. To create a unique and creative style, you can use the most colorful paints and fluorines.

How to combine green

Living room with green

Different ways to combine green with other colors:

7- Green and blue

Blue is another color that blends with green. For this set it is recommended to use turquoise green that is reminiscent of the underwater world, such as turquoise. They go very well with light blue and turquoise and even with the azure type of dark blue.

This combination creates a cool environment and is suitable for beach houses, living rooms and bedrooms.

8- Green and brown

It’s a perfect combination because it means nature, trees, meadows and forests. In this combination we can go from the most striking green to the darkest.

9- Green and pink

In light or pastel shades are suitable for a girl’s bedroom. But in the more saturated version, it is a very contrasting color that can create a fun and striking decor.

10- Green and white

Combine green and white

As with any color that is combined with white, a serene atmosphere can be achieved with a touch of color. This combination is suitable for any part of the home, no matter what the purpose is. In the terraces and gardens are suitable for alluding to nature. but can also be used in the bedroom or living room

11- Green and yellow

Since they are two very similar colors, this combination is perfect in a more acidic version. But it is not recommended for dark green.

12- Green and gray

Combine green with gray

Like white, gray is a neutral color that blends seamlessly with any color, and green is no less.