Christmas Decorations

Find Out What Each Christmas Sign Means

Don’t you know the meaning of Christmas symbols? So get to know the definition of ornaments that bring special values ​​to the environment! One of the most anticipated dates of the year has finally arrived. Now that the house is fully decorated for today, have you ever stopped to think about the meaning of the Christmas symbols ? There are several types of decorations that take over the environment in December – and we don’t always think about what they really represent. Find out now what each Christmas decoration item means and share it with the family!

Check the meaning of the main symbols of Christmas bells

The bells are always present on the Christmas tree and symbolize the announcement of the arrival of Jesus, also serving to proclaim the festivities of the Church.


The candles represent the light that came into the world, that is, Christ. When lit, they signify the birth of Jesus and, burned, they express his sacrifice for us, in redemption for our sins.


The gifts we exchange every year actually signify the gifts that the three wise men brought to baby Jesus: myrrh, gold, and incense.


The Christmas tree is a pine tree that keeps its leaves green in both summer and winter. So it represents hope!

Nativity scene

The nativity scene signifies the simplicity of the place where the Child Jesus was born, even though he was a child of God, in addition to representing a life without lust. Only on today (25) that the manger receives the image of Jesus.


The Star of Bethlehem is at the top of the Christmas tree, for having guided the three wise men in search of the baby Jesus, and also so that we can observe the signs and the light always sent by Him to illuminate our lives.

Christmas balls

The balls as an ornament simply represent the fruits of the Christmas tree.


The wreath is represented from the meaning of the colors… Green means life and red means protection. Therefore, hanging somewhere in the house, it symbolizes eternal life!