Christmas Decorations

11 Endearing Ideas and Accessories to Decorte the Christmas Tree

As December approaches, the body will ask us to be more at home, spend more time with loved ones, and a festive atmosphere begins to breathe what we call the Christmas spirit of a lifetime. Doing Christmas shopping, cooking… are typical things of this time of year, but is there something that better embodies the Christmas spirit than spending the afternoon decorating the tree? It’s one of our favorite times of the year! For this reason, we have prepared ideas that inspire you as beautiful as these:

Great ideas to decorate the Christmas tree

1- Scandinavian style

It is everywhere and, of course, at Christmas, it could not be otherwise. The Scandinavian style is clean, simple, cozy… Wood, natural materials, white and neutral tones predominate. Already in itself the Scandinavian style invites you to want to spend time at home and enjoy the warmth of the home and if it is at Christmas, much more!

2- All red

What color do you think of when you think of Christmas? Exactly! We love red and it is the perfect color to decorate your house and your tree at Christmas. It’s a classic, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be original. How about trying some bolder balls? Maybe red lights? Give it your imagination!

3- Oh white Christmas

White, well combined with other colors, can be the differentiating elegant touch you are looking for. If you like the most discreet decorations and that your house does not become a kind of fair of lights and glitter, you can choose to decorate with white and combine it with gold, black, green … It has been a trend on the rise for some years and We fully understand why, we love it!

4- Decorate your Christmas tree with rustic style

Pineapples, fruits, wood … if your thing is to recreate winter afternoons by the fireplace while Christmas carols play in the background, this is the Christmas tree decoration you were looking for.

5- Christmas in full color

If you like colors and not only on wrapping paper, you can also incorporate them into your Christmas tree. Balls, lights, tinsel … It can be very nice, but you can also go over and recharge it too easily. Our advice is to find a few inspirational ideas like this and choose accessories carefully. Less is often more! In addition, you can take advantage of and include fun elements like in this idea that we bring you. Who Said Unicorns Are Not For Christmas?

6- Blue and silver

There is life beyond green and red! They are the quintessential colors of Christmas but, at this point, the colors of Christmas are chosen by everyone. In addition, silver and blue have a sober and winter touch of the most charming for the living room at home, don’t you think?

7- Different Christmas trees

If branches, greenery and leaves are not your thing, you can always pull much less conventional Christmas trees. “Deconstructions of Christmas trees”, what the cooks would say. Trees for the wall, vinyl, in miniature … there are as many Christmases as there are people and for each one there is a tree.

Irresistible accessories for your Christmas tree

8- Icing on the tree

You can pull up a classic and put a big gold star on the top of your tree. It is a safe bet and it will always look good.

If you want to take a bold step, you can wear a star, but not just any star! Check out this geek-inspired one, very cool!

Are you also a fan of that moment when you finish decorating the tree and put the last piece of decoration on top? It is one of our favorite parts. That last accessory will add the finishing touch and finish off all your decorating work, so it can’t be just anything. Here are some of our favorite ideas:

9- Different Christmas balls

And this one? A transparent ball filled with “stardust”. It looks beautiful to us and it will be great if there is gold and white on your tree.

This pendant that imitates a drop of water seems precious to us for a tree in which blues, whites and silver predominate. In addition, since it is not something very Christmas in itself, you can use it after the holidays in any other place in your house. How about?

Okay, this very Christmas very Christmas, isn’t it. But, look how beautiful! If there are rules for decorating at Christmas, they are not for us. Don’t you love this ornament to give it away?

One way to get out of the ordinary in Christmas decorations is to use original balls. You don’t have to put the whole tree of extravagant balls, but putting a few well combined will give it a touch of great personality. For example, you can use a ball of hair covering like this one, which we find really cool.

10- DIY Christmas balls

As lovers of crafts and DIY we could not stop recommending that you make your own decoration for the tree. You can take a look at this tutorial to make ornaments in the shape of a gift , crafts to decorate your balls or you can paint wooden pieces like these to decorate them later:

11- Christmas tree lights

Who conceives a Christmas without lights? You can put them on the tree or anywhere else like on the windows or as garlands. It is quite a basic and you can find it very easily and with many options to choose from: colors, design, patterns, size … choose the ones that best go with your home!

And you, how are you going to decorate your Christmas tree? If you need help choosing it, we leave you the definitive guide on Christmas trees. We are sure that with these ideas and tips you will have a great Christmas!