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Tips to Decorate Your House With Turquoise

Decorate the house in different colors, it can create a totally different atmosphere. The use of light palettes in pastel tones is not the same as dark ones, since first we convey calm, and with the second we convey energy. In this case, let’s take a look at what turquoise gives us in decorating. Blue tones are cool and cool tones which also help to relax. Blue is the color of peace. But in the darkest tones can give a lot of strength to spaces. turquoise It is the most intense and strong, the color that goes unnoticed and can be used to decorate the real protagonist.


This color is in the range of blues. Blue is used to add freshness to a space. They are cool tones, so they are often used in hot places as they give the impression of a cooler environment. If you want a warm feel, opt for warm colors like orange or yellow. Blue is also associated with tranquility as it is used to create a soothing environment. Turquoise is one of the more intense blues, so it doesn’t have much of a touch of tranquility. It is a deep and intense color that is mysterious and elegant at the same time. Suitable for all types of environments because if we want to reduce the intensity we only need to use light tones or white.

Turquoise for exterior

This dark blue This also applies to house facades around the window or front. There is no doubt that it is a color that brings an original touch to the home and is a color that will stand the test of time in the outdoor spaces of the home.

Turquoise in textiles

If this color conquers us But applying it to the whole wall seems too much because it is so intense we can always do it. Use the detail trick. The most functional decorations are done in a basic tone, as other colors can be added to the entire color range. The basic color schemes are white, gray, beige or black and we can combine tones like these to change the decor. Plus, if we get bored with this tone, we can always switch textiles from new colors to warmer winter colors or softer pastel tones. Using only textiles, the possibilities are much wider.

Turquoise on the wall

The bravest will see the opportunity to Change the style with your walls. Many things have to be taken into account if we are going to paint one or more walls with this color. Even though it’s a bit dark and dark, there is still light left, so if we have a room that doesn’t have natural light, it’s better to avoid it. Being dark and removing light, the gaps will look smaller. The trick to making an image bigger is to add a mirror on a blue painted wall as it reflects light and the space becomes larger. If we still want to paint the walls in this color, we can always paint only half as it is the current trend and we will be clear with a white tone on top.

Turquoise for the bathroom

In the bathroom, blue tones are very common. But typically neutral or light blue tones are used to make the color. A new touch with everything. The indigo blue is intense. But it’s also a great alternative to creating a stylish bathroom. Adding touches like faucets in gold tones can be a good idea, and it’s also a good idea to mix white tones in bathtubs, walls, and toilets to soften the intensity of the blue.

Mix color with blue

This indigo blue is often mixed with warm tones to neutralize the cold. Brown, beige, yellow and mustard tones go well with this type of blue, especially if it’s a dark color because it’s way more contrasting. Sometimes we see bolder combinations with pink and green hues for rooms that are totally original.

Indigo Blue Furniture

This blue is very original, so it’s a great option if we want the space to have a different touch. furniture can be painted Again, for a very different look and this color is very attractive for old wooden furniture. It will give it a new touch and even the bohemian style and furniture will stand out wherever we place it.