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Select Wall Colors Based on Your Personality

There is no more foolproof trick to get it right! Paint, wallpaper? There is no moment that causes more nervousness than choosing the decoration of the walls, and it is that it is the canvas that will shape the rest of the interior design. But if you want to get it right the first time and enjoy the journey, listen to us and let yourself be guided by your own personality, she will be your best advisor!

The concern for choosing natural and healthy products has spread to all areas of our life, and painting, of course, is one of them. And it is that the paint that we are going to choose to color the walls of our house must have an optimal quality. The lungs are at stake! So discover and know the paintings of the XXI century, eco, vegan, without toxic or aromatic. You will have a super healthy and full of life home.

If you have never painted your house it is essential that you take into account a series of aspects to avoid making mistakes. The fear of being wrong makes us more cowardly when it comes to choosing color for the walls. Discover the most common mistakes we make when painting our house and play to an advantage the next time you paint. Color is unique to change spaces and generate sensations. Change colors and your house will look like another!

In your bedroom, color yes or color no? You better answer after looking at how these ten bedrooms went for color and won the game. Style, warmth, lightness and much more are at stake. Do you want to bet? And if we talk about the living room, the most used room in the house, neutral colors and tones win the battle, but of course you can also add touches of color.

In the bathroom, you can play with colors, why not. White has been and continues to be the quintessential color for bathrooms, but discover what colored bathrooms are like and start thinking about how you want to color yours.


Bedroom with pistachio green wall

Your main concern is to make the world a more sustainable place, you adore animals and nature above all else, and your house looks like a botanical garden. Obviously your color is green. Use it to your liking and play with different shades to create spaces full of personality.


Mustard yellow lounge

You are always up to date, you know what to wear before the fashion industry itself, and your home is a reflection of your passion for design. Have you identified with the description? If the answer is yes, you can already go for the mustard color on the walls, because it is a total trend.


Butane color wall

Every morning you wake up with the same energy as someone who has three coffees, you are always on the move, and there is nothing you fear more than the lack of plans. In addition, you are like a whirlwind of joy that animates the environment wherever it goes. Does it sound familiar to you? Well, you should know that vitamin colors are the ones that hit you the most. A butane orange, for example, would not only look beautiful on the wall of your living room, it would also be talking about you, and that is, perhaps, the most important thing.


Office with white wall

For you, life is very simple. You cannot bear stress or complications, and you are very clear that “less is more.” That is why you adore simple spaces decorated with subtlety, and flee from ornate environments like the plague. Our tip: white walls and Nordic style. Hit for sure!


Bedroom with sky blue wall

Anxiety is the quintessential disease of the 21st century. In fact, it is said that at some point in our lives, we will all experience it. If as you read this you cannot stop nodding your head, you will know what we are talking about in the first person, and for that reason, you need a color that helps you calm down. We have it clear: blue.


Dusty pink bedroom

If your favorite novels are those of Jane Austen, your favorite destination is the French countryside, and you love cupcakes, yes, your personality is romantic to the core, that’s why the nudes and powder tones will be the ones that best define you.