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Color Stimulation Ideas From the 70s

Retro paint never goes out of style. so much that one can fall in love with those who use it at home. Neutral colors have ruled the interior design world for years. But now we’re seeing new colors that are considered retro and are often a good solution for home decor.

Colors inspired by the '70s.

The colors of the 70s

green appearance 70

While the colors we’re seeing may look new, many of them harken back to more colorful palettes from the past. Painting and decorating colors from the 70s are making a return to today’s palette. The design trend of the 70s moved away from bright colors. and psychedelic from the 1960s with more natural colors.

These natural colors from the 70s are far from neutral … they come from the most colorful elements of nature. Everything from carpet paint to stoves and refrigerators can be found in colors like avocado green, gold, burnt orange… although the industry may have overdosed on these iconic colors. In the 1970s, many were renovated for today’s homes.

How to wear ’70s-inspired colors

Orange inspired by the ’70s

  • Mid-Century. By the mid-century, the colors of the 70s were considered fashionable. This decorating style is associated with the ’50s and ’60s, but earth-inspired colors from the ’70s made their way into mid-century homes, having been refurbished by homeowners over the years.
  • Lodge style. The warm ’70s green and red palette is perfect for a rustic room with lots of natural stone and wood.
  • Exterior color scheme The typical beige and gray palette of the exterior are combined with richer colors such as dark gold and dark blue for attractiveness.
  • Family room color palette. Earth tones inspire you to warmly socialize and relax together, enjoying memorable moments.

You probably won’t want to recreate a 70s color palette for your home unless you’re looking for a completely retro look. But you can find inspiration from these beautiful hues in some of today’s most popular paint colors.

Golden color

Gold is the most recognizable color from the seventies. This warm and inviting gold is the focal point of any kitchen, appearing on appliances, linoleum floors, and even wallpaper in various rooms.

Decorators in the 1970s used this as the neutral color we use today in beige and gray. When the color scheme of the 1980s was developed Gold was the last color of the ’70s to be retired because it was so popular.

Gold can be a vibrant color in any decor color scheme, but finding the perfect color can be elusive. This is definitely a color to test on your wall before you decide to use it.

Green avocado

Avocado greens are still very popular. Many brands of paint still use it in their palettes. Among the iconic colors of the ’70s, avocado green is the most versatile. There is a slight development as a paint. The new tone is less muted and more dynamic.

Dark orange

Dark orange was always a nice color when worn in the ’70s. Decorators and homeowners were not afraid to include it in most designs, even carpets and countertops.

Although we wouldn’t recommend carpeting your entire home in orange. But this bright color might still be available in your accent palette. Today’s orange is lighter and could be a warm accent color in your kitchen or dining room.

Brown autumn

Autumn brown is a rustic brown that has become very popular in the past decade. Even though it is dark brown But it looks soft and dumb. Today’s popular browns are more crisp and neutral.

The right browns can anchor a rustic neutral palette or add pastel colors to a contemporary space. But should take into account the unexpected latent. Dark brown can also be used instead of black or navy in almost any color combination.

Earthy red

Earth-tone red was one of the more popular shades of red in the 70s. Today, adding red to most interior styles is still an easy task.

The most popular red of the 1970s is warm and earthy. and rounding out a color palette that could easily be considered fall. There is always a place for both cool and warm reds to decorate the house.