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Rustic and Modern Industrial Style Decor Ideas for Each Room

Industrial decoration

The rustic and the modern blend in the industrial style decor.

The industrial style is increasingly present in the decoration of houses and apartments. It values ​​urban charm and incorporates characteristics of industrial spaces. See how to work with this style when decorating each residential environment.

Have you ever stopped to admire the decor of a modern New York loft? Well, know that this type of housing is usually decorated in an industrial style. This means that the environments gain a unique charm through a raw, unfinished, and whole personality look.

House decorated in an industrial style.

What is industrial style?

The industrial style was born between 1950 and 1970 when warehouses and old commercial buildings began to serve as housing. The rooms were spacious and had some characteristics in common, as is the case of exposed bricks and pipes, in addition to the coating with concrete. Today, this aesthetic sets the trend in contemporary home decor.

The unfinished, rudimentary, and imperfect industrial style has become a trend in interior design. It is synonymous with charm, daring, and modernity.

Industrial Style Features

Industrial Style Features
The exposed brick walls are a success in decoration.

Some elements cannot be left out of an industrial-style decor. Are they:

  • Large windows
  • Brick walls
  • Exposed wires
  • Unfinished Surfaces
  •  Modern loft
  • Metal and demolition wood furniture
  • Sliding doors
  • Earth tones
  • Wire-frame lamp
  • Refurbished old furniture
  • Integrated and large environments
  • Natural materials (wood and cotton, for example)
  • Pipes on display
  • Apparent beams
  • Exposed metals
  • Neutral colors
  • Metal benches
  • Urban art (graffiti)
  • Copper fixtures

Industrial Style Features 1
Perfect luminaires for industrial-style decoration.

Industrial style in every room in the house

Industrial styling can be applied to virtually every corner of the house. Here are some inspiring ideas:

Industrial decoration for kitchen

Industrial decoration for kitchen 1

Industrial decoration for kitchen 2

Industrial decoration for kitchen 3

Industrial decoration for kitchen 4

Industrial decoration for kitchen 5

Industrial decoration for kitchen 6

Industrial decoration for kitchen 7

The industrial-style kitchen is usually large and decorated with demolition wood furniture. It has pendant copper or wired lamps. The combination of bricks and metals usually reigns in this division of the house.

Industrial decor for living room

Industrial decor for living room 1

Industrial decor for living room 2

Industrial decor for living room 3

Industrial decor for living room 4

Industrial decor for living room 5

Industrial decor for living room 6

Industrial decor for living room 7

Industrial decor for living room 8

Try decorating the living room with a brick wall. It’s also worth investing in a dark leather sofa and a bicycle hanging on the wall. The wall clock with Roman numerals, the chest made of demolition wood, and the geometric lamp also contribute to the space’s decoration.

Industrial Dining Room Decor

Industrial Dining Room Decor 1

Industrial Dining Room Decor 2

Industrial Dining Room Decor 3

Industrial Dining Room Decor 4

Industrial Dining Room Decor 5

Industrial Dining Room Decor 6

Industrial Dining Room Decor 7

When decorating the dining room, remember to value rough, raw, and unfinished surfaces. It is these elements that give an industrial touch to the room. Also, invest in wood or metal furniture. Don’t forget to install powerful ceiling light right over the center of the table.

Industrial decor for bedroom

Industrial decor for bedroom 1

Industrial decor for bedroom 1

Industrial decor for bedroom 3

Industrial decor for bedroom 4

Industrial decor for bedroom 5

Industrial decor for bedroom 6

Industrial decor for bedroom 7

Industrial decor for bedroom 8

Industrial decor for bedroom 9

Even the bedroom, which is an atmosphere of intimacy and relaxation, can be decorated with industrial elements. For that, just bet on iron furniture and sober colors. Burnt cement lining is a good choice for the environment.

To make the room more welcoming, bet on objects that bring back happy memories, such as picture frames or travel souvenirs.

Industrial decoration for bathroom

Industrial decoration for bathroom 1

Industrial decoration for bathroom 2

Industrial decoration for bathroom 3

Industrial decoration for bathroom 4

Industrial decoration for bathroom 5

Industrial decoration for bathroom 6

The industrial-style bathroom usually features a burnt cement or wood countertop. The pipes are exposed, and one of the walls may not be finished, leaving the bricks exposed.

Industrial decoration for home office

Industrial decoration for home office 1

Industrial decoration for home office 2

Industrial decoration for home office 3

Industrial decoration for home office 4

Industrial decoration for home office 5

Industrial decoration for home office 6

Industrial decoration for home office 7

The industrial-style home office repeats the characteristics of other environments. The table can be set up with easels and the walls decorated with brick wallpaper. A comfortable and air-conditioned chair is also welcome.

When decorating your home office, don’t forget that “reuse” and improvise” are also mottos of an industrial aesthetic.