Kitchen Design

Renewed Modern Country Kitchen Decor Ideas

Decorating the kitchen This is not entirely easy, because we have to consider many factors. The style we put in this kitchen is one of them, because it will determine the elements we can add to the kitchen. In this case, we will discuss how to decorate a modern rustic kitchen. These country kitchens almost always have a classic feel, but the truth is that they can be modernized with new elements. This is why today we can talk about modern country kitchens with beautiful styles.

Stones in a rustic kitchen

One of the most common elements of modern country kitchen is a stone, because it is a rustic appearance are all material. Stone may be just an imitation, because adding stone is usually much more expensive than using other materials (such as ceramics). Nowadays, you can place fake stone walls to give the environment a rustic texture with a variety of tones and truly novel and believable textures.

You can see the stone on the floor of the home in another place. This material can be very durable, so it is very suitable for floor use. The kitchen is an area where we often move around and we have to finish work every day, so it is an ideal place to put stones on the floor.

Modern country kitchen tiles

The country kitchen also has some beautiful tiles, perfect for your cooking area. One of our favorite tiles is undoubtedly the subway tiles. They are white and rectangular tiles with a good retro feel. In addition, country kitchens need some clarity, as wood and stone often use darker tones.

Wood for country kitchen

Wood is a material commonly used in rural space, because it is closely associated with this style. As far as the kitchen is concerned, we can use light-toned wood to give it a new modern look. Cabinets can be made of wood, but if we particularly like something in a rural environment, it is the large wooden beams on the ceiling, which makes the room more realistic.

As we said, usually using medium and dark wood tones in the traditional way, but in a more modern space, it is best to use light wood. In this tone, we can update the classic country kitchen and make it more modern.

Industrial spotlight

Lighting is a very important part of the kitchen, so we must focus on certain elements, such as lighting points and lights to be put in. These lights should be well integrated with the style we have in the kitchen to make the arrangement beautiful. It is currently carrying industrial-style lamps with spotlights suitable for country kitchens.

An island in the kitchen

In the larger kitchen, you can add a great island. The design of the island kitchen is very novel and very suitable for giving a modern feel. In a classic kitchen, they were not used to putting islands, but now they have become an element that people appreciate very much. This is why we can add it with some beautiful wooden stools and spotlights.

Stainless steel appliances

In order to completely modernize the country-style kitchen, we can add some stainless steel appliances at any time. The stainless steel appliances are the best quality, but also give wood or stone-based add a modern kitchen, which changes the texture of the material.

Country kitchen is white

White is not common in more classic and rustic kitchens , because of the use of wood, beige and tan tones are used. But currently we can paint your furniture white, which is very fashionable. This hue can provide luminosity and is also very suitable for the kitchen we are going to renovate. There are white tiles, and you can put white tones on the walls and floors. Bright and white spaces are the current trend, so this is a kind of tone that can help us update the kitchen.

Kitchen colorful furniture

If we want some new furniture kitchen we can be painted with the new colors. If we really want to update the country kitchen, we can paint wooden furniture in different shades, from blue to green or eternal white. Adding color to a country-style kitchen can add a modern touch to the space.