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24 European Styles to Illuminate Your Home With Colorful “Retro” Kitchens

Popularity in the fashion and interior design world is that hot trends and chic patterns repeat their own cycle. What seems to be outdated today is likely to become popular again in 20 years. Although natural ups and downs and styles often determine what is popular, nostalgia also plays a key role in indicating what is’in’ and hot! As designers quickly turn to decoration and past prints, adding color to contemporary spaces, retro Is causing a sensation.

The European kitchen is obviously the most popular choice to absorb a trace of retro charm without disturbing the big themed house. A retro kitchen and a matching dining corner also evoke the memory of your favorite restaurant. You have spent endless time as a teenager! Cool, stylish, and lively, when you are on the trend of retro kitchen…

1- Retro and Retro

Between casual readers and enthusiastic decoration lovers, a big question that often arouses heated discussions is around what is wine and what is retro. For beginners, it is important to understand that the lines are often fuzzy and different design experts have different opinions on this matter. But the general consensus is that any piece of furniture, over 20 to 30 years old, can be considered old-fashioned. On the other hand, retro appliances are modern pastimes of these past pieces.

2- Stylish retro kitchen uses clean lines and easily interchangeable colors

However, when designing a retro kitchen, don’t worry too much about strict guidelines. You can borrow a variety of different elements, ranging from the early 20s to the late 80s. If you are lucky enough to really find an old-fashioned gas stove or some cool old-fashioned shelves, then you can incorporate them into your retro kitchen easily. Highlight these special pieces and let them stand out from the crowd using special color schemes.

3- Tiles and Pipes

Intelligent use of tiles and exposed pipes to create retro charm.

4- 1930s

Elegant cabinets reflect the bungalow style of the 1930s.

5- Simple Kitchen

The gorgeous retro kitchen takes you back to simpler time!

6- Vertical Lines

Vertical lines give the space a complex appearance

7- Lovey Use of Colors

Lovely use of red, white and light yellow.

8- Bold colors

9- Orange and White

Orange and white is a popular retro design color scheme.

10- Funky and Cool

Funky bar stools and playful colors add to the cool retro theme.

11- Take a closer look at the lively kitchen

If you are not happy with just a touch of color here and there, then a retro design can also make you go to the top in a luxurious way. Throw in a few bar stools with a cocoa theme, a jukebox from 70s (even if it doesn’t really work), and even a flashing neon sign to pay proper tribute to your favorite party from the past!

12- Add Some Red

Add some red to your kitchen in the new year.

13- Colorful Splashes

Home with colorful splashes in the kitchen of the 1930s.

14- Nostalgic

Delve into some nostalgic memories with retro design and retro decoration.

15- 50s Popular

50s retro refrigerators are quickly becoming a popular addition even in modern kitchens.

16- Blue and Turquoise

Beautiful blue and turquoise are a perfect choice for retro kitchens with modern ambiguities.

17- Classic design and modern twist

If you are uncomfortable with a dedicated retro theme, but fancy adding one or two special works, such as the intoxicating retro-style Shanghai Wenguang refrigerator, then choose a modern kitchen and color scheme. Many design experts believe that the modern Art Deco style is also naturally retro, because post-depression in the 1930s saw the appearance of glossy surfaces and pleasant curves. You can add a little retro style to those streamlined kitchens to create a very elegant but fun kitchen.

18- 70s Apple Green

70s. In the seductive apple green inspired kitchen.

19- Cottage Style

Retro design meets cottage fashion style

20- Design combining retro colors and modern ergonomics

Retro kitchens often mean different things to different people. For those who see 50s, a cottage chic kitchen with shaker cabinets and comfortable colors may be a perfect choice. For others, a modern kitchen, shiny surfaces and retro elements, paying tribute to the 70s and 80s is the way to go. Even for the young, a retro kitchen might seem a perfect way to bring love and Jackie back from “The 70s Show”! Are you ready to go retro?

21- Modern Charm

Splash of century-old medieval modern charm.

22- Focal Point

The kitchen cart becomes an instant and convenient focal point.

23- Art Deco

Streamlined and polished art deco design is popular, even in 30s.

24- Procelian Addition

Leading modern retro style porcelain addition.