Kitchen Design

Ideas to Embellish a Vintage Kitchen

Retro style It is one of the styles that will never go out of style. Looking back on old-fashioned furniture, retrieving old furniture and updating the style of other times, this is what we have always liked to do. This style has incomparable charm. This is why today we want to see how to decorate old-fashioned kitchens, that is, kitchens in this style exist and have elements on par with other times.

There are many methods to add retro style to the kitchen. And even electrical appliances or utensils can have such a unique old-fashioned atmosphere. We give you some ideas, but you don’t have to use them all. It all depends on the retro style we want to give the kitchen, because there are many ways to do this.

Wooden furniture

MGI wooden furniture In retro, Nordic, country style or classic style, they will always be essential. But not just any wooden furniture. In this case, we are referring to classic or old-fashioned wooden furniture. In the kitchen, the door can have a classic touch. If one day we are tired of this style and want to give the space another touch, the decoration of the door is easier to update. They can retain the color of the wood, and can also paint the wood white or colored.

Recycled furniture

We usually see in old furniture is antique furniture those who get a second chance. In many cases, they need to be completely refurbished with paint and handles, but in other cases, the wood will leave some tactility over time, making the retro feel more pronounced. You can recycle old furniture, such as tables or shelves, or you can create new furniture with old wooden boxes to make shelves or storage boxes to be used with old-fashioned kitchens.

Retro refrigerator

If we want to make our old-fashioned kitchen stand out, it is those interesting retro styles. Like Smeg retro refrigerators , as we all know, you can find many colors. From white and red to soft pink. This is a very special feeling for our kitchen, it allows us to create a very cheerful and colorful retro space inspired by the 50s.

Pastel colors

Soft shadows is ideal for retro space , and these colors are inspired by fashion from the 50’s, they are used softer, more feminine retro style. Today we see this trend and can add details such as tableware, tables and chairs or small appliances. All these great ideas can be added to the kitchen to create a retro yet pleasant and sophisticated world.

Subway tiles

Ceramic tiles can also help create a retro atmosphere. If there are some that remind us of other times, they are subway tiles. They are also classic, very useful and simple. White rectangular tiles can be combined with everything in our kitchen, whether it is pastel colors, prints or colorful furniture accessories. In addition, these tiles are also used in many other styles, we can add them to the kitchen in the future, such as industrial style or classic style, or even Nordic style, so this is a long-term investment in decoration, which is very interesting and no need to remember They are also easy to clean.

Shelves full of old-fashioned tableware

Tableware can also help us to create a retro look. On the wooden shelf, we can add old boats or retro-style boats. Glass jars with metal lids can also be reused for storage. This is a cheaper way to display retro styles, small accessories, soft toasters and other details and other appliances.


If you like the retro country style, you can also add the typical floral patterns . These can appear on utensils, textiles, or you can even add wallpaper to the walls of the kitchen to get a different touch. In this case, the most commonly used patterns are small flowers and pink tones, which give the kitchen a feminine and retro look. Ideal to combine with the most retro pastel shades.

Vintage style textiles

Following the lines of the floral pattern, the textiles we use in the kitchen also help to give it a retro feel. You can add some curtains under the sink, which is very retro, and you can also add some beautiful short pattern curtains on the windows. Floral print is very popular, but there are other ideas, such as Vichy paintings displayed in pink, red or blue color or polka dot.