Terrace Design

Calming Small Terrace Decor Ideas for You

Surely you can’t wait to enjoy your little terrace finally. But don’t worry, while that day arrives, you can start thinking about making the most of that special corner. Don’t worry about having a mini terrace: even the smallest spaces can become a fantastic relaxation area or your private oasis. Who has a terrace, has a treasure, and a few decoration ideas for small terraces.

Decorate your terrace with a tone that stands out

Choose a color range that you like and use it to give your own personality to the terrace. This example that I show you are fantastic. The wall is lined with dark wood paneling, contrasting with a lighter floor. A bench in the same color as the floor, with a black cushion with white natural motifs, matching a small black metal and glass table, and a pair of black and wood-colored chairs make up all the furniture on this terrace. In green, the back cushions, suspended from a curtain rod, direct all eyes to that area. Very smart and, at the exact time, very simple. 

Charming balconies: decorate a small balcony with a table and plants

If you don’t want to give up plants, but you don’t want to give up a cozy corner to sit and rest on your terrace, you can opt for a small table that can even be foldable and attached to the railing. A small bench or stools are perfect for having a good time on the balcony.

Small terraces: ideas with plants

When we have a small terrace, sometimes we are forced to choose between putting plants or furniture, because there is usually no space for both. Well, there is a solution. The walls of your terrace are the perfect place to place many plants without taking up space from the furniture. You can even dare with vertical urban gardens to have your own vegetables and aromatic plants.

Terraces decorated with artificial grass

The artificial turf is a great item to give personality and decorate the terrace and balcony. If you also combine it with original and fun furniture, you will get a fantastic result, even in mini spaces like the one in the image. If, on the other hand, you prefer a more classic environment, wooden outdoor furniture is always a safe bet that fits perfectly with artificial grass. In any case, it’s just a matter of sharpening your wits and making good use of everything you have.

Lanterns on the balcony

Lighting, as it happens inside the house, is also essential on the terrace. Candles, decorative bulbs, lanterns … are great for summer nights and to spend a romantic evening.

Terrace with bar

An ideal solution for small and very narrow terraces is creating a small bar with wooden slats. It is very original and, at the same time, it is very practical to have a drink comfortably.

Gain privacy: concealment for terraces

If your terrace does not have a wall, but bars or transparent glass, use the many concealment solutions that exist on the market to achieve privacy without losing a bit of style. There are many varieties, from the most natural elements, such as reed, to artificial hedges and wickers.

 Light furniture for small terraces

The smaller the outdoor space available, the more important it is that the chosen furniture has a reduced size that does not overload the terrace and prevent access to it. Therefore, look for and choose furniture with a light and delicate appearance: metallic ones fulfill this characteristic better than wooden ones, which are always visually ‘heavier.

What do you think of these ideas to decorate small terraces? We hope you are going to put any into practice.