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Open Closet Ideas for You to Apply in Your Home

Open closet

This model without doors is a modern, simple and cheap suggestion to compose the decoration.

Do you love clothes, shoes, accessories and, above all, organization? If you’re that kind of person, you’ve probably dreamed of having a closet. The alternative to common wardrobes is a desire that ends up being pushed aside when we move and realize that there is no room for an environment dedicated only to clothing. Anyone who is used to surfing the internet looking for alternatives must have already faced the dreamers’ salvation. The open closet!

It is not necessary to be aware of trends in architecture and decoration to understand why he is a darling. The alternative to the common closet is functional, keeping clothes on display in an orderly fashion. In this way, they are part of the bedroom decor, as well as the hangers and supports used to store them. The result is stylish environments filled with solutions to take advantage of space. Come with us to check inspirations and learn how to build your own closet:

How to make your closet open

Checking all your clothes and accessories together in one place: that’s the big advantage of a doorless closet. So when building yours, that’s what you need to keep in mind. The coolest thing is that this type of closet can literally be in any corner, as long as there’s space. The recommendation is that it be done inside your own room. If that is not possible, at least in the intimate areas of the house, such as the home office. Depending on the measurements, even the runner can receive it.


There is a caveat. If you like to have a lot of clothes, this type of closet might not be for you. It is more difficult to keep a large number of pieces organized and looking good, especially in a more limited space. You can’t live in a room that always seems to be messy, right? Take the opportunity and clean the closet. Donate clothes you don’t wear, review your priorities, see what still fits… and then start organizing!

The structure of the open closet

To assemble it, you can use different types of objects. It is very common to find open closets consisting of shelves and a pole for hanging hangers. This rod is the most extensive element, leaving as many clothes as possible on display. This structure is nice because it also allows for the arrangement of clothes by colour, creating a beautiful rainbow in the room. In addition, the visualization of clothes facilitates the routine when it’s time to get ready.


From this basic model, everything is possible! Some people use crates, such as those in the fair, to create modules and store shoes, for example. You can also attach hangers to the wall for bags, hats, and other accessories, as well as organizers, purchased ready-made from department stores.


Do you dream of a closet, but don’t think you can keep it tidy? Use a curtain! The trick is for days of a lot of mess or rush. Just close it and the room will look tidy again.

There is a cat’s jump for this type of closet. Remember that not all clothes occupy the same depth as a hanger! This measure is usually 60 cm, being adopted by common cabinets. Thinking about the open model, it is possible to invest in a 30 cm joinery, enough to store your shirts without damaging the space in the room.

In the bedroom below, the closet is made up of IKEA niches. In addition to housing the clothes, it fulfils another interesting function: it is almost a wall, separating the bed area from the rest of the room.


Open Closet Ideas and Inspirations

Once you’ve decided which corner of the house your doorless closet will be in, the next step is to get your hands dirty!

For the couple

For the couple

Many people give up on having an open closet at home because of the number of clothes a couple has. Don’t be discouraged: this is not impossible! An easy and foolproof way to share this closet is to install your shelves, racks and whatever else in a mirrored way.

For the couple 1

The structure used in the photo above is ideal. The top shelf, in light wood, has straw baskets that store little-used items, such as scarves and ties. Two identical macaws were placed side by side. In the photo below, the same mirrored wardrobe trick was used. The difference is that instead of a single shelf that runs the length of the wall, there are two shelves exactly the same size as each macaw above them. In the centre, dividing the composition, a window-style hanging cabinet holds the small accessories.

For the children

For the children

The idea of ​​a closet without doors for children is brilliant. That’s because she can be married to the Montessori nursery concept, whose purpose is to encourage independence. In decoration this happens, mainly, leaving toys and personal items of the little ones within easy reach.

For the children 1

Being able to see and choose their own clothes allows the little ones to exercise their creativity! This cabinet can be assembled in the same way as any other, with little modification. The idea is that the macaw with hangers is much lower, at the height of the child’s eyes, so he can pick up what he needs when he needs it.

For the children 2

For the children 3

For the children 4

For the children 5

Drawers and crates on smaller shelves can hold shoes and socks. In the upper parts of the closet, parents keep clothes from other seasons or other objects that the children do not use often or need assistance in using.

Out of the room

Out of the room

We know that the bedroom is the ideal place for the open closet, but it is not always possible to leave it there. With a little planning, even the living room can welcome you. This is what happens in the photo below, where a small corner of the kit-like apartment doubles as a closet and living area!

Out of the room 1

To make sense of the space, residents combined a macaw with items such as coats and shirts. Beside him, two large white dressers. The objects that make up the closet have the same colour as the wall, helping to keep the space light. To anchor the decor, they took advantage of a plush rug, an ottoman and a large mirror. This furniture with a stronger presence draws attention away from the dressers.

Those who have a lot of clothes can also use an environment such as a closet and home office. Fully occupied by racks and shoe racks, the office becomes almost a walk-in closet.

Men’s closets

Men's closets

Men's closets 1

Men's closets 2

To add a touch of masculine personality to the open closet, just bet on materials a little more rustic. Generally, a women’s closet uses pale wood or white lacquer. The male version bets on dark woods and metals such as copper. Shelves are also thicker. Of course, these references don’t need to be used only in men’s rooms, they blend in very well with any sober environment, or that follow industrial and rustic styles.

More ideas

More ideas

The open closet is useful for those who live alone and do not need to share closet space with anyone. It is in this situation that he can reach his full potential! With fewer clothes, you can bet on ingenious ideas. One of them is to use a large branch, with good resistance, painted in the desired colour to serve as a stick for your closet. It can be hung from the ceiling with wires or on the wall with hooks.

More ideas 1

Keeping the do-it-yourself theme, there are people who go beyond the hook. Blogger Sarah, from Coco Lapine Design, used pieces of wood to create a charming closet that can be found in one of the corners of her room. She even left a circular cutout at the top of the piece of furniture for a potted plant.

More ideas 2

The most unusual objects can also become the furniture in your open closet. This is the case with construction ladders!

More ideas 3

The elements that make up the closet are usually either light wood or white, the same colour as the wall. This keeps the environment lighter. What to do when you feel like colouring your decor? Bet on the ceiling! Colouring the top of the walls, right above the shelves, and the entire ceiling makes the environment much more interesting and relaxed.

More ideas 4

Instead of macaws, it is also worth hanging hooks with a longer length. Hangers can be stacked on them, leaving a selection of clothes on display while others stay in drawers.

More ideas 5

Metal pipes can also house the hangers. To add charm, just place a mirror with a beautiful frame on the side.

More ideas 6

Of course, shelves can have colour! Bet on calmer tones, such as light blue, which give personality and combine in environments made for rest.