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Looking for Something Modern and Classic? See What’s Coming in Cannage Furniture

Cannage Furniture

Perhaps you’ve never heard the term Cannage, but you’ve surely seen it! It is a braided fiber finish, type grid, which is used in various furniture. With a vintage style, today it becomes a trend and becomes the protagonist of interior design, especially in modern furniture. Natural-looking, but very elegant, the Cannage is undoubtedly a classic that is renewed.

The (Many) Virtues of Cannage

Cannage Furniture

The Cannage is a technique that has traditionally been developed in Southeast Asia, and as already mentioned, consists of braiding natural fibers, specifically the rattan cane. Its main advantages include its durability, flexibility and lightness. They are also very resistant to humidity, bumps and breakage, which makes them perfect for both indoor and outdoor spaces. The Cannage is presented as a very versatile option, capable of combining different styles, from shabby chic to modern.

How and Where to Use Cannage Furniture?

Cannage Chairs

Cannage Furniture 1

The first option that comes to mind is chairs and seats, especially since it is a very resistant material. They work great in classic-style dining rooms, but with modern touches. You can find them in their vintage versions, with rounded backs, mixed with brushed woods and a worn look. For more modern environments you can find Cannage chairs with straight lines, with a metallic or gold base and that incorporate braiding on the base, the backrest, or even the sides.

Cannage Armchair

Cannage Furniture 2

Another way to integrate the Cannage into your living room is through seats or armchairs that function as auxiliary seats, or for a specific reading or work corner. The density of the fabric will also be important: Tight or smaller braiding will make your furniture look more modern, while thicker, open weave will give you more bohemian and laid-back furniture.

Cannage Sideboard

Cannage Furniture 3

Another place where we see that the Cannage gains strength is in the furniture doors. Without a doubt, one of the most modern supports for this type of finish. You can incorporate them anywhere in your home: as a sideboard in the dining room for dishes, on your desk to store work materials, in the children’s room for toys and clothes, or even in the bathroom. Their delicate and romantic style will make them become the main piece of any room. Pair them with other white furniture for a bright, Nordic vibe, or include plants on top of them for a fresh, natural look.

Cannage Bed

Cannage Furniture 4

If you are looking to bring the Cannage to your bedroom, then try the back of your bed. It will be an element that will add a lot of texture to your piece and it will look incredible mixed with textiles in cream, pastel or earth tones.

For Wallpaper, Cushions and Paintings

Cannage Furniture 5

The Cannage also works very well for tropical style spaces; you just have to combine it with patterns of large leaves or animals. A good way to incorporate these designs is on wallpaper, cushions, or paintings.

Cannage Benches or Stools

Cannage Furniture 6

Bed backs will also look great in children’s bedrooms; paint them in light tones for a fun touch. Another nice and subtle way to incorporate the Cannage is through smaller pieces such as benches or stools, a very modern piece of furniture that you can put at the foot of your bed, in the entrance hall or even in your living room.

Cannage Room Divider

Cannage Furniture 7

The screens are another very functional piece that you can integrate into your home. The Cannage is ideal for this type of elements since the braiding will provide privacy, but in the same way, it will let the light through. It is perfect if you want to separate environments with style and elegance.

Cannage Lamps

Cannage Furniture 8

Finally, if you are still doubtful about braided furniture, you can start with decorative elements such as lamps. Incorporate them in your dining room, living room or bedroom, you will see how they bring a lot of warmth to space. Play with the sizes and shapes depending on the style of your decoration. You will surely end up convincing yourself to add it in more places.

The Cannage, without a doubt, came back to stay. Today we see it in modern and classic furniture, a versatile option to incorporate into any space in your home. And you, do you say yes or no to this style?