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Latest Interior Lighting Ideas for You

Interior lighting has become one of the main aspects of home decoration and design today, and today we will introduce you to some types of lighting that will impose style in 2022. From glamorous Art Deco lamps to neon signs and fantastic moon-shaped lamps, take a look at the many proposals of today. The world of lighting has ceased to be a functional branch in the construction of a home, becoming a true art that encompasses the need, decoration, security, and many other things, which make it take more prominence every day.

Illuminate a focal point

Given the different light effects that can be given to the rooms, we can easily find an effect that gives our interiors more attractiveness and greater comfort.

Lighting can be very useful to create a focal point, which enhances some detail that is of interest to us; For which we can count on a wide variety of proposals that come from the hand of wall, ceiling, or table luminaire, depending on the effect we want for our home.

For all this, the home’s lighting should be considered from the beginning with the planning of the space and the decoration since it is directly related to how each space is perceived.

Lighting should not only be designed to improve the home’s functionality, but it also plays a fundamental role in enhancing all the details that are part of the decoration and architecture.

On the shelves

On the shelves, the dichroic lights do a fantastic job of highlighting the contents of each shelf and shading the outlines of the shelves.

Ceiling lighting

In this image, the luminaires stand out horizontally on the ceiling, at the height of the table. At the same time, the wall lamps are protected by solid screens that force the light to come out vertically, generating a very pleasing effect.

The lighting from the ceiling directed towards certain areas is used the most to achieve a good atmosphere.

Living rooms and dining room

It can be played simultaneously with various types of indoor, ceiling, pendant, and table lighting.


For the bedroom, table lamps cannot be absent, although every day we bet more than they are higher, to avoid putting ourselves in a bad posture to use the light in reading. Likewise, one of the most sought-after trends in recent years has been to open small holes in the wall and place dichroic lights there alone or lights highlighting decorative elements.


A surprising range of options opens up in the kitchen, combining two types of lighting. One is intense, for when tasks are being carried out right there, while the other is a low-consumption LED lighting model, which seeks to give light to a space that is not being used. In this way, other kitchen areas are emphasized, such as the base of furniture and wall surfaces.


In the same way, in the bathroom, the suggestion is to place functional lights and one or two luminaires that can be adjusted in intensity for moments of relaxation.


It is about lighting the steps and highlighting these interesting geometric shapes. There are many ways to do this. Here are some examples.

The accent is again present on the staircase, through luminaires in recesses in the walls.