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Types of Lighting to Use in Each Room as Per Atmosphere

Which type of lighting is used in which room and atmosphere? Smaller or larger, with higher or lower ceilings, insufficient or no light-each interior space has its own characteristics. Moreover, since light (especially natural light) plays a vital role in the health and well-being of residents, it is still a decisive factor in the quality of residents’ daily lives. Therefore, we can recognize the importance of artificial light and various indoor lighting. In addition to being beneficial to health and morale, these artificial lighting also play a huge aesthetic and decorative role. Let us choose which way of lighting according to the room and atmosphere you want to give it.

What type of lighting is open to the kitchen in the living room

Different types of indoor lighting

Living room lighting type modern decoration

Nowadays, various types of indoor lighting are indeed dazzling. Ceiling lamps, wall lamps, chandeliers, floor lamps, chandeliers and table lamps: there is no shortage of options. But how do you know which room to choose? Which lamp should have the strongest visual appeal? Learn about our recommendations and learn how to combine lighting, aesthetics and function.

Modern chandelier: the queen of the interior

A set of wooden dining room pendant lights decorated with exposed beams

Today, it is impossible without one or more pauses. Practical and versatile chandeliers are also essential to emphasize interior decoration and architecture. The chandelier has a strong visual impact and can be found in all rooms of the house. As the affluent trend develops, please do not hesitate to mix several types of lighting to fill the light. Most of the time, you can find various models in a collection so that you can experiment and create harmonious results.

Wall lamp: the combination of efficiency and modern style

Decorative wooden float for adult bedroom with wall candle holder

There is nothing like a designer wall lamp to create a unique atmosphere at home! The large number of available models makes it a versatile choice for many configurations. Wall lamps are very suitable for illuminating corridors, dark corners or stairwells, and are the right choice to meet any lighting needs. They are also ideal for use in combination with other types of lamps in the same series.

Ceilings and chandeliers: essential elements in any concept

High-end designer restaurant

These illuminators constitute the main light source, and their main purpose is to diffuse uniform luminosity. In order to choose the right lighting element, first of all, you must consider the brightness requirements of the relevant place and the type of room. For example, in a room with low ceilings, ceiling lights are a good choice, while chandeliers are ideal for high ceilings.

Floor lamp: synonymous with timeless classics

Elegant gray living room with industrial style floor lamp

Auxiliary lighting or main lighting-floor lamp perfectly fulfills these two functions. No matter which room it is placed in, it will know how to bring a certain chic and unique charm. The high light participates in interior decoration, so the rendering is both harmonious and beautiful, and it is not chosen by accident. There are several types of floor lamps designed to illuminate part or multiple places of a room, or on the other hand, to spread soft light and provide atmospheric lighting. Therefore, in addition to the style of the luminaire, special attention must be paid to the power of the light provided.

Table lamp-changing decorative lamp

Modern interior design lighting types

Bedside tables, tables or lamps-they can all change the decoration and atmosphere. These accent lights improve the comfort of the home and at the same time contribute to the overall beauty. In addition, they provide the freedom to move the light to the desired position and focus on any given corner.