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Home Decor With High Ceilings: Ideas to Get Inspired

Home Decor with High Ceilings Ideas to Get Inspired

Doubts about how to decorate your home with high ceilings? Check out some tips in the article and get inspired by the ideas!

We at Casa e Festa know that decorating a house with high ceilings is not easy, that’s why we’ve prepared this article for you to be inspired by the ideas. Check out!

High ceilings are a trend. Those who choose this style want to bring the feeling of spaciousness, lightness and elegance to the environment. When decorating, it is important to pay attention to details so as not to overload the room.

High Ceiling Home Decor Tips

The high ceilings allow for an airier and lighthouse or apartment. The decoration of this environment is the key point for it to become sophisticated and not lose its main features. So beware of exaggerations.

Pendant lighting

Pendant lighting 1

Pendant lighting 2

Those with high ceilings know that they can count on the advantage of decorating the place with beautiful pendant lamps. The cool thing is that you can decorate it according to the style of your house.

Pendant lighting 3

For cleaner productions, matching the main colour of the decoration with the luminaires is a good idea. If the style is more modern, why not use different options, like a diamond, for example?

Textured wall

Textured wall

Textured wall 2

A textured wall adds a special charm to home decor with high ceilings. But be careful, it’s important to combine it with the rest of the decor so the environment doesn’t get polluted.

You can use the texture on the entire wall or on just one part!

Modern fireplace

Modern fireplace 1

Modern fireplace 2

Modern fireplace 3

Who doesn’t like to keep warm on cold days, right? Look at the charm and sophistication of these fireplaces in the living room. It is beautiful and very cosy!


Curtains 1

Curtains 2

Curtains 3

Those who have a house with high ceilings opt for glass windows. If you want a little more privacy, decorating with curtains is a must. Also, it absorbs the sound caused by the echo.


Mirrors 1

Mirrors 2

Mirrors are great wildcards in any home decor that wants to bring a feeling of spaciousness to the room. When they are present in the high ceilings, they are modern, very elegant, and even it beautifies your house.

Illuminated stairs

Illuminated stairs 1

Illuminated stairs 2

Illuminated stairs 3

Stairs can also be decorative objects, you know? Because they have different styles and formats, a great idea is to light them. That is, what was just an item to connect two floors, can also become a decoration item.

Decorative panel

Decorative panel 1

Decorative panel 2

Decorative panels are ideal for supporting televisions and niches, for example. With high ceilings, your panel can be even more modern, textured and decorative. It can extend all over the wall.

Decorative panel 3

If you like a more rustic style, opt for wood options. Now, if you prefer a more classic style, choose light colours.

Decorative frames

Decorative frames

Decorative frames have always been present to decorate any room. Nowadays, they have become indispensable decoration items. See how they can make spaces more relaxed and modern. You can decorate with one, two, three or as many as you like!



The shelves bring a lot of personality to the environment. In addition to being spaces for organizing objects, they add a lot of style to any type of decoration.

Vertical garden

Vertical garden 1 
Decorating with plants is to bring freshness and life to the environment. A vertical garden is a concept widely used by those who do not give up green indoors.

Vertical garden 2

Why not take advantage and make a beautiful garden on one of the walls on the right foot? Use a mix of foliage or flowers.

Vertical garden 3

Always remember to decorate according to your personality. Match the colours of the objects, enhance the spaces you find necessary