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Functional Ideas for Recycling Items and Decorating Your Home

How to reuse disposable materials in the decoration and organization of your home?

I love the idea of ​​turning disposable materials that would go to waste into functional objects for the home. I spend hours browsing the endless references on pinterest and have a folder full of these recycling ideas. And let’s agree, right: it’s less rubbish on the street! Nature thanks 🙂 So, today I want to share with you 3 recyclable materials and amazing ideas and they are super easy to put into practice with each one of them.

1 – Aluminum cans

Aluminum cans are, for me, one of the easiest materials to recycle to be part of your home decor.

  • Idea 1: Lanterns

Cute flashlights are not always easy to find and when we find them, they usually have a very salty price. And with a can of tomato paste or milk and paint in your favorite color, you can reproduce this idea at home. To make the design in the can, just use a nail and a hammer and make the holes.

  • Idea 2: Kitchen cutlery holder

Are you going to receive someone at your house or even in your day-to-day you don’t have where to put the cutlery? So, plug in this super-easy idea: you’ll just need several cans of the same size, paint, a small piece of wood (which you can replace with cardboard) and some scraps of leather to finish and label the cans.

  • Idea 3: Grocery Holder

Look how amazing this idea. In addition to being super functional, these cans also end up being part of your kitchen decor.

2- Glass Jars

The glass pot is another versatile material that can be reused in different ways to decorate your house. Let’s get to ideas?

  • Idea 1: Stuff holder 

To replicate this idea, you’ll need a permanent pen, tape, and a word you like in print. And so, you transform that dull little bottle into a bag full of bossa.

  • Idea 2: Aromatic Candles 

Candles add warmth to any home. So, how about using that little glass pot for your own candles and spreading it around the house or maybe even giving it to someone. To make your candles scented, just mix an essence of the scent of your choice into the wax .

  • Idea 3: Cotton / Cotton Swab / Tissue Holder 

Look at the most beautiful thing in the little bottles with the colored lids for you to store personal hygiene items. I keep imagining this in a baby room, on top of your dressing table or even on the bathroom counter. It would be beautiful right? The good thing is that these glass jars seal well, preventing air moisture from passing into the products being stored.

3 – Cardboard Boxes

Whether it’s a shoe box, the boxes that arrive with purchases that we ask for online… I’m sure you have at least one (or several of them) at your house and now, in the cleaning at the end of the year, instead of throwing them away, you can give a new use. Let’s go look and start making one of these amazing ideas?!

  • Idea 1: Organizing Boxes 

You know those items that live scattered around and no matter how much you tidy up in one week the next week, they’re all messed up again? How about taking those cardboard boxes and turning them into organizing boxes? You can decorate with string and hot glue, with contact paper, wrapping paper or even fabric and glue.

  • Idea 2: Jewellery Box 

Look how brilliant this idea of ​​turning the shoe box lid into a jewellery box.

  • Idea 3: Organizer basket  

Still on the same idea of ​​organizing and establishing places for things, instead of leaving them scattered. You can reuse the cardboard box and make baskets, to put towels neatly folded in the bathroom or the toilet paper rolls. It looks very nice and organized.