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Supernatural Ways to Make Your Bathroom Always Smelly

Supernatural Ways to Make Your Bathroom Always Smelly 2

Write down these precious tips to never suffer from bad smell in the bathroom again.


How about ending the smelly bathroom myth? It may not be the most fragrant room in the house, but it can be made much more pleasant. To have a fragrant bathroom is very easy. Just follow some tricks and daily care that will make all the difference.

Supernatural Ways to Make Your Bathroom Always Smelly

They are simple actions that will prevent bad odors from appearing and tips to leave your bathroom with a good aroma. The investment is very low and the results are satisfactory. So, check out the main precautions you need to have a bathroom worthy of praise.

The benefits of ventilation

A well-ventilated bathroom already solves most bad smell problems. We can say that whoever has a good window wins in this challenge. Circulation of air dissipates bad odors and renews the environment. Therefore, avoid leaving windows and tilters closed all day.

1Air circulation is essential to prevent mold and bad odors.

Even on colder days, it’s important to let the air circulate. The steam from a hot bath, for example, can cause mildew in the long run. So that this doesn’t happen, choose a time of day to leave the bathroom aired, even for a few minutes.

Bathrooms that do not have a window must have an exhaust fan. This feature is essential to clean the air of impurities, eliminate bad smells and remove moisture from the air. And, in this way, considerably reduce the appearance of mold and fungus. Search for the most suitable type of hood for your bathroom and have one more ally against bad odors.

Tips for having a fragrant bathrom

Room deodorizer

Room deodorizer 1

Room deodorizer
Fragrance sprays add refreshing air to the bathroom and are great options.

Currently, it is possible to easily find different types of room deodorizers. The most common are spray. But there are also other formats, such as gel, liquid and automatic, which trigger a fragrance every period of time. The deodorizer, as well as the aromatizers , give a pleasant smell to the bathroom. Stick diffusers and potpourri sachets with essential oils are also good alternatives.

Anti-odor spray

Anti-odor spray

Air freshener

Recently, products that block bad smells have appeared on the market. They must be applied to the toilet before use. Your goal is to eliminate any unpleasant smell that comes from the feces. Without a doubt, it is a very efficient solution, as it prevents the bad smell from spreading.

Aromatic candles

Aromatic candles 1

Aromatic candles 2

Perfect for creating a relaxing mood, scented candles are also great solutions to leave a pleasant scent in the air. There are countless fragrances available in stores. So, choose your favorite perfume and leave the candles burning on the countertop or near the bathtub. But be careful not to cause an accident.

Supernatural Ways to Make Your Bathroom Always Smelly 3

Another way to flavor the environment is with the use of incense. Discover the main types of incense and choose the most suitable for your bathroom.

Disinfectant blocks

Disinfectant blocksLiquid or bar, sanitary disinfectants clean and leave a pleasant smell.

Better than a scented bathroom just a bathroom with a clean smell. And the disinfectant blocks, used in toilets, successfully fulfill this mission. In addition to containing chemical agents that fight bacteria and germs, they release a pleasant smell when the flush is triggered. Therefore, they can be a good complement in the search for a fragrant bathroom.

Scented water

Scented water 1

Scented water

Scented water is such a simple solution that you probably didn’t even think about it. See how easy it is to prepare at home. Just mix in a container 90 ml of deionized water, 10 ml of grain alcohol and a few drops of the essential oil if you prefer. Then put in a spray bottle and spread on towels (dry!) ​​and in the room.

To avoid bad smell

Clean drains well

It’s no use perfuming the environment if the focus of the bad smell is still active. It is necessary to solve the problem that is spreading bad odors before anything else. And one of the places that can generate this discomfort is the drain. Therefore, clean them periodically, both the box and the sink. And if any of them are clogged.

Leave your towels dry

Leave your towels dry
Wet towels in the bathroom can create mold and bad odours. 

Towels accumulate water as they are used. This is normal, but some care is needed so that they do not start to smell bad. Regardless of the type of ventilation your bathroom has, it is recommended to put them in the sun for a while; the rugs too. Or extend it on the clothesline so it loses all the moisture. That way, they will hardly give off any unpleasant smells.

Clean the trash daily