Mistakes You Should Avoid While Decorating Your Room

Mistakes You Should Avoid When Decorating Your Room

Be careful not to fall into traps when decorating your room.


When it comes to decorating the house, care must be taken to maintain the balance between the harmony of the environment and a nice design. You need to think and plan well, and pay close attention to details. To help you out, we’ve made a list of nine mistakes you should avoid when decorating your room.

The living room is usually the largest space in the house and it is also where we receive visitors and have meetings with friends, watch movies, relax that is, the living room is the living area of ​​the house. Therefore, it deserves special attention when planning the decoration of the house.

The room in your home should be welcoming and convey a certain joy and comfort. Check out the worst mistakes you can make in decorating your living room and how to avoid them!

Miss proportions

Miss proportions
Knowing how to take advantage of the size of the room is essential to create a good decoration.

Getting the proportions wrong is a classic mistake for those who do things in a hurry. Before buying any furniture, it is always better to plan well and measure the space correctly to avoid these problems.

Many people, when decorating the room, end up getting excited and buying furniture without measuring the space. And this almost always results in two problems: furniture that is too big that doesn’t fit in the room, or furniture that is too small that doesn’t make good use of the space. So, before buying that long-awaited three-seater sofa with a reclining back, measure your living room.

It is also necessary to pay attention to the proportion between the furniture. Buying a coffee table that is too small for the size of the sofa or buying a huge rack for a small television are mistakes that leave the room looking the wrong way. Therefore, consistency is needed when choosing the size of the furniture that will make up the space.

If you are going to make an online purchase, be even more careful! Always look at the measurements and make sure the furniture will fit in your room. A good tip is to use masking tape to mark the floor and see how much space will be occupied.

Not taking care of furniture arrangement

Not taking care of furniture arrangement
Always think about the placement of furniture and note some points such as natural lighting.

It is always good to think about where you will fit each piece of furniture before making the purchase. However, if you already have a decorated room or want to change yours without spending too much, experiment and move the furniture around to see the best position for each one. This way, you can be sure of the best location for each piece of furniture.

Also always check which side of the house the sunlight hits. Stereo sets, televisions and whiteboards can deteriorate faster if exposed to sunlight for a long time. In addition, it is important to note where you will position the television so that the sunlight does not interfere when watching something.

If you intend to use mirrors in decoration, it is important to be careful to use them in the best way.

Don’t worry about circulation

Don't worry about circulation
In a small environment, it takes even more organization and planning to make everything look beautiful.

As mentioned, to decorate, it is necessary to plan and we must not forget that the arrangement of furniture must follow a logic so as not to interfere with the circulation of people. A very large coffee table in a narrow room, for example, can make it difficult for people to move around. So always think about circulation when composing an environment.

Do not explore alternative lighting

Do not explore alternative lighting
Don’t be afraid to use different lamps and lamps in the room.

Many people are stuck with standard lighting, using only bulbs in the ceiling nozzles, usually white in color, in the center of the room. Don’t be afraid to explore different lighting and lighting types. Larger places like the living room are a great place for you to invest in a different chandelier and give the place a totally different feel. Try and play with the possibilities: led lights, lampshades, floor lamps, chandeliers… Are you curious to try it?

Fill the environment with random decor objects

Do not explore alternative lighting
Care must be taken that a fun environment is not filled with too much information. 

As much as you like art and decor, think carefully before buying items to decorate your room. These items, in addition to showing a little of your personality, should also match with each other and with the decoration of the house.

Be very careful so that you don’t exaggerate the amount of decorative objects, as much as they match the environment, exaggeration can cause visual pollution. This goes for pictures on the walls too. To know how to use decorative frames in the living room.

Lots of artificial plants or flowers

Lots of artificial plants or flowers
Even if the plants are natural, depending on the size and how you arrange the plants. it can be too much.

Using plants in the decoration is always a good idea, but you must be careful not to get the dose wrong. After all, the more plants you have, the more attention you’ll have to give them and you’ll have to give up other elements.

Try to invest in plant species for home decoration ; it is better to have a single real plant in your house than to have several artificial ones for decoration. However, do research well before buying. Seedlings need specific care, some are easier to be raised indoors and others will require more work. Also, if you have animals, do your research very well, as some plants are poisonous to cats and dogs.

Using colors wrongly

Using colors wrongly
Very strong, dark colors bring a heavier air to the room that, in fact, should be an inviting place. 

As the room should be a cozy place to receive visitors, it is most recommended that the colors, both on the walls and on the furniture, be lighter and, if possible, in more neutral colors. Beige, blue, green, pink in pastel shades bring a warm and calming atmosphere to your living room. Strong colors are also nice, but be careful if you want to mix them up.

Want everything combined

Want everything combined
If you want an almost monochromatic decor, it’s important to think of elements that break the monotony a little.

The decor needs harmony, but that doesn’t mean it has to be monotonous. It’s not because your wall is beige that the sofa and rack should be too. If you want to create a more minimalist and monochromatic decoration, try to invest in a few elements that break the monotony. They will bring a dynamism to the environment and still create a focal point.

Don’t think about rugs

Don't think about rugsCarpets in the room should serve to sectorize the room, not simply be in the middle of the room.

Always be very careful when choosing the type of rug, size and where you will place it. Small rugs beside or under the sofa give an uncomfortable feeling that something is wrong because they are not in the right proportion. When the idea is to sectorize the environments, the ideal is for the rug to always have an advance of 15 to 20 cm under the furniture.

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