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10 Tips for Enhancing and Organizing Your Bookcase

Different models of bookshelves can help you compose spaces and decorate while organizing your home.

Regardless of color, style or size, the bookcase can be the ideal complement to any organized and well decorated environment. Used in different ways in each space, the bookcase is capable of renewing any scenario in the home or office.

Shelves are functional and versatile elements. Whether to place ornaments, travel souvenirs, to leave an authentic and personalized environment, to accommodate books and keep them always within reach, they also have strong decorative power in their own right.

Check out 10 ideas to transform the most varied models of shelves to highlight the environment.

Minimalist bookcase

Minimalist decor is an interior design style that is very attractive for its simplicity and ease of ambiance. Representing all the sophistication and elegance, spaces with this concept explore the breadth of the environment, straight lines and good choices for furniture that will complement the decor.

Decorating a bookcase in a minimalist way can be a good solution for these sophisticated visual environments. Therefore, opt for decorative objects in neutral colors and shapes, such as vases or candles, harmoniously distributed on the shelves.

Arrangement of books

If the furniture is only used for books, it is still possible to decorate it. Transform sculptures, objects and decorative vases into bookcases, as in addition to keeping them organized in the various models of shelves, they also serve to decorate it in the reading corner. Also bet on themed sideboards that will give an interactive aspect to the arrangement of books.

Room divider

Some models of shelves can be used as decorative elements and space markers in integrated environments, such as, for example, in the hall and the living room. Opt for hollow shelves, decorated with light pieces that can delimit spaces in a sophisticated way.

Executive shelving models

For an executive environment, organization is indispensable. Therefore, having a lot of space to store books, file folders and important documents always in sight is a must. In these cases, the best shelf models are the most imposing and refined ones.

Printing at first sight is a guarantee of an executive wooden bookcase, and to complement the environment, use organizer boxes on the bookcase to decorate the shelves with originality and still be able to store personal items without compromising the office’s look or decor.

How to organize the multicolored bookcase

Anyone who wants to dare in a modern and laid-back interior design, can bet on multicolored bookcase models. This furniture is capable of making a difference in the environment and its color arrangement can revitalize a room. So, to organize your bookcase and make your decor even more alive, bet on fun decorative objects and make the space even more personalized.

A multifunctional decoration

For a functional decoration, versatile furniture that plays different roles become protagonists. Thus, lower shelf models can work as sideboards, supporting everyday objects such as keys or a wallet, or they can be decorated with pictures, candles, picture frames and floral arrangements.

Happy hour shelf

In a shelf model with a more clean and modern design, a strong decoration trend, reserve one of the shelves – in any environment – ​​to organize glasses, glasses and drinks that can be served to friends during happy hour at home. You can also join several pieces of different colors and make the furniture even more spacious and versatile.

Invest in details to decorate the various models of bookshelves with originality: miniatures, photos, ceramics and other decorative objects serve both to compose the look of the furniture and portray the personality of the wearer.

In summary, you can use a bookcase in any environment. The adornments she will wear and the way you will customize will set the tone for the decor.

Mobile for home office

The home office bookcase models deserve special attention in their compositions, as they serve both to organize objects for use at work and decorative objects in one place. In this way, distribute books and office supplies evenly and take the opportunity to decorate the free spaces with items that make the space personalized.

Gastronomic shelf

For a practical and functional kitchen, the furniture must be versatile and help to organize the environment. For this, the shelves are ideal options as they offer spaces to leave all the utensils on display in an orderly and decorative way.

A bookcase model that matches the kitchen is steel or metal with wire details, for example. With them, you can organize and align dishes, jars with groceries, cookbooks and utensils in a different way.

The bookcase is a wild piece for the composition of the decoration of the house. No matter what the environment, a bookcase model can help you to make spaces more organized and stylish. That way, you will have some ideas for decorating and organizing the different models of shelves.