Find Out Room Decor Style That Suits You Best

With social isolation, staying at home has become essential to protect both individual and collective health. Thus, as the home became a work and even entertainment environment, most people chose to preserve a small space in the home so that it would not be affected by the phenomenon of the home office: the bedroom.

In addition to being a place for privacy, it should design your personal tastes so that the owner of the room always feels comfortable in this safe environment. It is also worth mentioning that the room needs to be practical and functional, meeting all your everyday needs.

So, to help you find ways to personalize the room and make it even more like you, how about a guide to find out which decorative style best suits your personality ? Check out:


Exuding delicacy, this room brings a touch of softness and comfort in all its details. Iron or wood furniture is combined with pastel tones and floral prints.

According to Camila Shammah, product manager at Camesa, a brand specialized in producing items aimed at the home, decorative objects, curtains and bed linen should follow this combination of colors and prints. “Lace and ruffled fabrics are the best bet for this space model. Finally, to give a greater sense of comfort, plush rugs can complement the decor,” he explains.


This room requires elegant and sophisticated pieces in its composition. Large headboards, mirrors, dark wood, aged metal objects and elements that evoke nobility are essential in this timeless style. According to the manager, for its composition it is recommended to bet on sober tones, such as: white, black , gray, beige and navy blue.

Shammah says threaded sheets, heavy blankets and matte bedspreads, plus shag rugs or rugs with geometric prints are the perfect options for this decorative pattern.


Establishing the premise of “less is more”, this style, which also does not stray from sobriety, prioritizes light tones. “Its aesthetic is totally clean and elegant, dispensing with exaggerated prints and embellishments. The soft touch, neutral colors and natural lighting make the environment welcoming and functional”, he points out.

According to Camila, discreet items are what best match the decor, where betting on light fabric curtains and plain or metalasse bedding can be a differential.


Bold and eye-catching, the modern room includes vibrant colors and decorative objects that express its owner’s personal tastes, such as musical instruments, film paintings or travel items. According to the professional, the bed linen calls for plain prints, in colored or dark tones.

The d├ęcor can be complemented with large plush or patterned rugs, pillow sets and scattered blankets to give a more relaxed atmosphere to the room.


This style of bedroom aims for simplicity and refers to peace. Wooden furniture is the main decorative element and everything else should dialogue with this more rustic aspect. “In this way, flowery bedspreads, woolen articles or blankets make the environment more characteristic and cozy“, he points out.

Simple, patterned curtains and light rugs make all the difference in the room.

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