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16 Dreamy and Romantic Style Profile Ideas for You

A romantic style does not mean an exclusively feminine decoration, but rather the creation of intimate and serene environments that seem to transport us to other times, marked by a sublime elegance, but now with a touch of irresistible comfort.

1- Furniture

In terms of furniture, the romantic style is marked by curved lines, rounded feet and carved pieces, with some eye-catching details. Round, oval tables and bed trays are a constant presence, as are the upholstered benches placed at the foot of beds and armchairs. The furniture most used to create romantic spaces is iron, light and dark wood, but also pieces of furniture painted in white, beige or light blue, for example.

2- Personal Taste

As the decoration is, above all, a personal taste and, preferably, a functional one, the organization and display of a romantic space can be both casual and relaxed, with objects placed almost randomly; as more formal and symmetrical, where everything has its place. It’s a matter of taste and visual aesthetics.

3- Color Palette

The color palette usually associated with the romantic style is invariably soft and of low intensity : white, neutral tones and pastel are the preferred colors for those who want to romanticize any space. However, as the base palette is so neutral, some stronger color points can be added – yellow, blue, red, green, lilac or fusia, without losing the romanticism.

4- Pattern

Listed, checkered, floral, damask and Victorian-inspired motifs are those most associated with romantic style and can be applied to everything from bed sheets to wallpaper, drapes and sofas. However, decorating with patterns always requires a certain degree of count, weight and measure.

5- Fabrics

A romantic space requires fabrics that are a treat to touch and beautiful to behold: silk, satin, chenille, velvet and quilts are a good choice because the quality of their textures contributes to the decor itself. Lace, bows, knitting and crochet complete the scenario. It is not uncommon for beds to be equipped with skirts and filled with comfortable pillows and blankets at your feet.

6- Rugs

Although rugs are not one of the key elements of romantic decoration, they are intended to be discreet but sumptuous, that is, they should contribute to making each romantic environment even more cozy, without completely dominating it. A simple but beautiful floor, covered in wood or other subtle material, is preferred.

7- Living and Dining Rooms

In the living and dining rooms, chairs and armchairs are always elegant and almost always upholstered or equipped with a pillow, especially those in the kitchen. The sofas are comfortable and flanked by cozy throws and pillows, preferably facing a fireplace. Covers are also a good option, either for sofas or for armchairs or chairs.

8- Canopy, Tulle or Curtains

In a romantic bedroom, the bed is always the queen of romance, with an emphasis on iron frames or imposing wooden beds with four columns and/or luxuriously upholstered headboards with elegant fabrics. What really cannot be missing in this environment is a canopy, tulle or curtain suspended over the bed or simply working as a decorative ornament. Traditional wardrobes are another key piece.

9- Special Touch

For a special touch, create a space in the bedroom to put a mirrored dressing table, a fancy armchair, some vintage perfume bottles and why not a silver brush, comb and hand mirror set?

10- Bathroom

The profile of a romantic bathroom is almost always white, with a claw foot bathtub, a dressing table, an armchair and pretty paintings to decorate the walls.

11- Natural Light

Natural light is one of the main characteristics of the romantic decoration, which favors the use of transparent or semi-transparent curtains to slightly filter the outside light, filling the rooms with light. The simplicity of fluttering curtains is often enriched with the placement of a blind, in a patterned fabric or another curtain, in a lighter or darker tone – these can be left to flow freely or tied with tassels or a simple satin ribbon.

12- Artificial Lighting

When it’s nighttime outside, artificial lighting is also an important factor when it comes to creating a romantic atmosphere: small table and wall lamps are the most obvious choices, always equipped with low-intensity lamps. On the ceiling, the highlight goes to the chandeliers and the candles, which are preferably aromatic, are scattered all over the place.

13- Subtle Touch of Shine

In a soft and tranquil environment like this, a subtle touch of shine is always good: the touches in glass, crystal, gold, silver, bronze, iron and metal are also part of the romantic decoration.

14- Decorative Objects

Some examples of decorative objects for a romantic space include: candlesticks, passepartouts, fabric boxes, chests and chests in leather or wood, old suitcases, floral arrangements, tassels hanging from door handles and drawers, ornate mirrors, works of art with flower motifs and Victorian inspiration.

15- Decoupage

Decoupage, a decorative art that allows the transfer of illustrated paper napkins to a thousand and one surfaces, is a technique whose beauty and originality perfectly match the romantic style.

16- Maculine Touch

It’s very easy to associate a romantic atmosphere with the feminine sex, however, this is a decoration that can be enjoyed by women and by men – for a more masculine touch, add more curvaceous furniture, typically more manly attributes: striped fabrics, an armchair in leather or notes in dark wood.