Home Decor

16 Quick Ideas for Decorating in 60 Minutes

As much as we love our house, the truth is that any decoration ends up getting tired. At these times, we feel the need to renew the look of a particular room, but we don’t always have the ideas or the time available for a major renovation.

You know what? It only takes 60 minutes to implement our ideas!

1- Lampshades

Renovating the decoration of a room in 60 minutes only requires, in some cases, the prior purchase of new decorative notes and sometimes not even that. You can simply replace the lampshades on your lamps with new models or exchange lampshades between the lamps you already own.

2- Headboard

Instantly renew a bed headboard by folding or laying a pretty blanket or fabric on top of it.

3- Removable Covers

One of the easiest and fastest ways to renew the decor is to cover the sofas with removable covers – whenever you get tired, just remove, store and use again when you need to change the decor again.

4- Old Knobs

Renovate the kitchen by replacing old knobs with more modern models. Another alternative is to use spray paint to give your old knobs a new look.

5- Curtains 

Want to renovate the decor but don’t know how? Replace the bedroom or living room curtains with new ones, or swap the curtains you have from one room to another: an instantly new home!

6- Stencil

Apply a fun or abstract stencil to a draw wall or refrigerator and brighten up the decor in minutes.

7- Photo Frame

Renovating the decor without spending money is also possible: remove the same photos you’ve had in the same frames for years and replace them with more recent photos. Display the frames differently or place them in another room.

8- Reorganize

Reorganize shelves, sideboard, console and dressers, moving decorative objects from one side to the other or introducing new elements to achieve a new look in no time.

9- Paintings

Give your walls a breath of fresh air as you finally hang those paintings you’ve been stashing for months, or transfer artwork from one wall to another. Your home will quickly look like an art gallery with a new exhibition!

10- Flowers and Plants

An instant renewal that will fill a room with color, joy and pleasant aromas is simply adding a vase of flowers at the entrance, a beautiful plant in the office or small pots of herbs in the kitchen.

11- Candles

Gather a set of candles near the fireplace, on the kitchen counter, in the entryway, or on the edge of the tub and light them. Easy isn’t it?

12- Rugs

If it’s spring or summer, refresh the house and the decor by removing the rugs from the floor, leaving it in the natural. If it’s autumn or winter, put the rugs back on for a cozy decor – buy new models or change the split rugs for a real makeover.

13- Pillow Covers

Do you want to renovate the decoration of a certain space in the blink of an eye? Invest in new pillow covers to cover the existing ones and change them whenever you need a decorative change.

14- Shelf or Cabinet

Make a little space on a shelf or over a cabinet and artistically display your collection of stones, antique cans, vintage bottles or wooden sculptures – instead of being stored away, a collection can easily inspire any decor.

15- Display of Furniture

We don’t always remember one of the easiest tricks in the art of redecorating in a short time: changing the display of furniture. Experiment with various layouts until you get the one that works best and most closely matches you: a completely new room in record time!

16- Fireplace

Dedicate yourself to the fireplace area, giving it a little personality by adding a basket with firewood and pine cones, a basket with blankets and magazines, a small bench or armchair. If you don’t light the fireplace, use its interior to expose a set of candles or other objects – imagination has no limits and decoration has no limits either!