10 Peaceful Tips for a Cozier Decor

Sometimes, winter can seem endless and, although we long for a fresher and lighter decor, the truth is that it is still not possible to give up warm and comfortable environments. Take the opportunity to redecorate your home with these tips for an even cozier decoration.

1- Fireplace

Favor the decoration of the fireplace – this was not the perfect meeting place on the coldest winter nights. Change the arrangement of the furniture and center it around the fireplace in order to create a cozy corner you won’t feel like leaving!

2- Fluffy or Furry Blankets

Fluffy or furry blankets are a great way to bring warmth to any room: place them on the backs of sofas and armchairs, at the foot of beds or stacked in a basket by the fireplace. In addition to warming up on cold nights, their colors, patterns and textures enliven the winter decor.

3- Cushions

Cushions are an essential decorative note for winter, as they make any sofa or bed even more comfortable and warm. Also take the opportunity to spread large pillows on the floor – the trick lies in choosing colors that warm up and textures that feel like touching!

4- Textured Wallpaper

Warm the walls with a cozy or textured wallpaper. Another alternative is to hang a rug, a patchwork or patchwork quilt to make the environment more welcoming, but also very interesting, thanks to an original decorative note.

5- Warm and Comforting Colors

Bet on warm and comforting colors such as brown, orange, red and even black – you don’t need to redecorate the entire space, just add some notes in darker and/or warm tones, such as the blankets and pillows or then a rug, a vase, or a lamp.

6- Tables

Avoid leaving the tables bare, that is, cover them with tablecloths in colors and patterns that go with winter – they crawl to the floor even better! – or with a simple table slide that are great to turn a cold table into a warm and appetizing table. If you have an original blanket you like to show off or remnants of an elegant fabric, use them as a makeshift tablecloth.

7- Lamps

In winter, artificial lighting is essential, but it can be very cozy if, instead of turning on the ceiling lights, you choose to turn on several lamps strategically dispersed in each room. Its light creates an inviting and comforting atmosphere.

8- Candles

Also with regard to lighting, candles are an incredible decorative note for winter, in addition to lighting, they provide an intimate and cozy atmosphere. If you like it, opt for scented candles, whose aroma also helps to warm the house – cinnamon, chocolate, vanilla.

9- Windows

This is the best time to decorate the windows with heavier and more luxurious curtains : they warm up the environment when they are hung, open or running. In the hot months you can replace them with more fluttering models, reserving the winter models exclusively for that season and so you’ll always have a new cozy note with which you can decorate.

10- Reading Corner

Create a reading corner next to a window. All you need is a comfortable armchair, a lamp, a small coffee table or basket for books, a blanket and some pillows – then just keep warm while you watch the rain or snow fall outside.

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