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Embellish the House With Second-hand Products

Giving a new life to furniture and objects is the best option to get a home with personality and, at the same time, take care of the planet. We give you the best tips to achieve a stylish home from Wallapop and interior designer Guille García-Hoz. You recycle the containers, you try to reduce the water you consume when you shower, you are thinking of switching to an electric car … and are you still reluctant to bring that green conscience to the decoration of your house? Maybe you think it will cost you more time and money. Error! Quite the opposite. Platforms such as Wallapop, a leader in responsible and sustainable consumption among people, have helped (and a lot) to the rise of second hand , which has made searching and buying in this market easy, entertaining and economical. Not only that, but it also contributes to the sustainability of the planet. The time has come to get started in the world of second hand to give your home more personality. How to do it?

Since 2013, finding a second-hand object on the internet has been easier. The ‘fault’ lies with some friends from Barcelona who decided to connect people who wanted to sell what they no longer needed through their mobiles, in order to give it a new life. Then Wallapop was born , which, in a few years, has become the leading platform in the online buying and selling sector, with 15 million users in Spain. There must be a reason.

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One of the faithful followers of this platform is Guille García-Hoz (Madrid, 1976). Graduated in Mathematics and converted into a passionate interior designer, his creations have flooded the networks for his fresh, original and fun style. In it, the wallpapers, the white ceramic pieces and above all, the old and recycled objects stand out.

Wallapop has become an indispensable in all his designs. ” Whenever we tryreform a house back everything possible and even maybe some furniture, Smalltalk or silly to have before you start, notforget where we came’ ‘ he says. ” Why then not use online platforms like Wallapop, which allow you to buy and sell second-hand products in an easy and fast way, through your mobile? Knowing how to search, you can find real wonders with a lot of style, ” he says.


Second-hand fashion has been around for a long time, although it is now experiencing a true global boom and with it, the professionalization of the market. According to the consultancy Research Nester, the second hand already moves today, nothing more and nothing less, than 40 million euros worldwide.


According to Guille García-Hoz, beyond economic prices, sustainability has become the main motivation for consuming this type of product. In fact, for 65% of those surveyed in the Wallapop Network of Change study, it is the most valued aspect of this market. On the other hand, 57% admit that giving their objects a second life provides them well-being and personal satisfaction . Because also, how fun can it be to adapt a piece of furniture to your style?

In our country, one in three Spaniards already acquires more second-hand objects than before confinement, according to the aforementioned study. “Fortunately, we are realizing that the old consumption model has to change and that we have to start treating resources wisely ,” says the interior designer. That is why the world of design has already begun to give it the importance it deserves “from construction, energy use, kilometer zero, the anticipation of the future management of materials when it is to be demolished … ” , he explains.


Wall light in Wallapop

Antique Marble Sink at Wallapop

Wallapop has become an essential platform for the designer. ” We use it in the studio when we want to find special pieces that do not require a large budget. If you know how to combine them with new pieces, you can really have a look of 10! ” , He confesses and we investigate a little more.

What object do you usually look for the most on the platform?
Wall sconces.

And furniture?
Antique Roca Washbasins.

Did you fall in love with any piece that you remember?
A lamp made of wood and strips of string that casts beautiful shadows when turned on.

And some bargain?
I think I remember that in its day we found a couple of barber chairs in fairly good condition, when we did the first barber shop. Then the business model proliferated like mushrooms and it was impossible to find them for less than triple. Amazing.


Velvet Sofa in Wallapop

Natural candles in Wallapop

Sofa beds and desk tables, dining tables, lamps, coffee tables and rugs were some of the most demanded objects at Wallapop in 2021, among the millions of ads that exist in the Home and Garden category.

Likewise, giving a second life to tables, refrigerators and mattresses has not only contributed to taking care of the planet, but has also allowed its sellers to recoup part of their initial investment and, to their buyers, to acquire them at a more affordable price. After knowing this: are you going to think about it more? Go in just to take a look at Wallapop, but watch out, it’s hooked. There is something for everyone.