Bathroom Design

Classy and Designer Bathroom Ideas for You

Creating a space within the home is not an easy task, since we have to think about many details. The designer bathrooms are those that have luxurious, elegant and modern detail, with touches that make them special. They are bathrooms created with unique designs thought to be high-end and to enjoy the best quality with an elegant and sophisticated design. We are going to see some ideas in designer bathrooms that can inspire us when decorating our own bathroom. Although we do not have the help of a designer, the truth is that we can achieve a different and special stay.

Designer bathrooms with bathtub

One of the most controversial elements when setting up a new bathroom is the choice of whether to put a bathtub or just a shower. The current bathrooms also continue to use the great bathtub , the only place in which to take a relaxing bath. If we have enough space, we can include it within the design. There are plenty of modern bathrooms to add to it, with large, white soaking tubs with soft lines that blend seamlessly into a modern bathroom. The bathtub is no longer something that has gone out of style, but has been reinvented with new trends to offer us different models.

Bathrooms with original tiles

Scale tiles

Tiles are another important part of creating a designer bathroom. We cannot do without them in a place like the bathroom and today there is so much variety that it almost overwhelms us to choose one. There are many original ideas that we can include in our designer bathroom. We like the idea of ​​the scale-shaped tiles , which is also inspired by the marine world. There are also hydraulic tiles that imitate the old floors but in a renewed and current way. On the other hand, we can find tiles with glossy finishes, tiles with different textures and with very varied shapes. If we want to add originality to the bathroom area, we can focus on the great tiles because they are the ones that will give us the most play.

Designer bathrooms in dark tones

Dark shades

The dark tones can be a choice of few people that remain bright, but the fact is they also have a very elegant style. If you want to add modernity to your designer bathroom, you can opt for gray tones, which are also a trend. Gray is very elegant and even black can be included but we must be careful so that the space does not appear too dark. It is good to take into account the type of lighting and the points where we will put light so that the bathroom does not turn out to be too dark.

Bathrooms with modern showers

Modern shower

The modern showers are also a good choice if we want to save space in our bathroom design. We especially like walk-in showers. These showers offer us great comfort and also look very good in the design since we do not have to break the continuity of the floor in any way. So the bathroom seems much more spacious and our shower almost goes unnoticed. If we also choose a minimalist glass partition, the result will be perfect.

Bathrooms with original walls

Painted paper

Many designer bathrooms choose to create original walls that attract attention to differentiate themselves from other bathrooms. Wallpaper can be an excellent option, although we must put it in a place where we know that we will not have too much humidity. The current wallpapers are of a high quality and hold up a lot, but the bathroom can be a place where it lasts less so you have to think about it. If we are not convinced by the wallpaper, we can always paint the walls in bright tones or that are special to us, such as a strong green or a dark blue. Of course we will attract attention and the toilets will stand out much more with a wall this special.

Bathrooms with a nice sink

Design washbasins

The sink is another of the parts in which we can invest to have a good designer bathroom. There are sinks of all kinds. The mirror should create an elegant and special ensemble. Today double sinks are used to create a much more practical bathroom for families. It can be a minimalist style washbasin , without legs, with drawers that do not have handles, to give a futuristic air to our bathroom. Or choose one that has vintage airs with copper taps. The sinks that use marble with elegant designs are still the most sophisticated and luxurious.

Bathrooms with elegant taps

Golden taps

The taps are another part in which we should invest if we want to have a designer bathroom. Not just anything is worth it and today we find taps with many shapes. The shades can range from the brightest gold to copper and silver. There are faucets with many shapes and others that have a minimalist look. It all depends on the style we want to have in our bathroom.