Living Room Design

Dos and Don’ts When Embellishing Your Living Room

The living room is the place where we hold family gatherings, where we welcome visitors and share a good time with our loved ones. Its decoration can make us feel comfortable, or on the contrary, make us feel uncomfortable and want to leave there. Therefore, the decoration of the living room is no small thing, and it has more repercussion than we could imagine.

Here and now we will break down 6 key aspects about interior decoration in living rooms; what to do and what not to do in each of them.

Spacious and clutter-free living room

We have to make sure that the living room is spacious, that we can walk through it without looking like a maze or a storage room in front of our eyes. Order and space will be one of your best allies in this task. Don’t capriciously crowd objects here; give them a suitable place and organize them.

One way to gain a lot of space is by combining the living room with the dining room, as well as their respective decorative styles. In this way, we will also make the family feel more united at noon or at dusk.

Functional and harmonious furniture

You have to buy furniture that is functional, that does not exceed in our rooms, and that obviously feel comfortable when using it. But above all this: that they are of the same style. That is, you should not buy furniture whose set is uneven or too heterogeneous to look at, or use different upholstery in each of them.

On the other hand, you should also avoid buying furniture with pronounced or sharp edges, as you and your family members run the risk of being injured when they are hit by mistake or carelessness.

You can create your own style, although taking into account the functionality and visual harmony of the furniture.

Color balance

Just as the furniture in your living room should look harmonious, here the same happens with the colors. Your living room doesn’t have to look like a harlequin outfit – brightly colored carnivals everywhere. Instead, choose soft colors and pastels, always trying to use the same palette on the walls.

Decorated ceiling

The decoration of the living room is not only limited to its order, furniture and colors. Here the ceiling also has a positive or negative impact. Do not paint it with colors darker than the ones on the walls, or you will get a visual effect that will make the room look closed. If painting it is not enough, try mounting a ceiling or false ceiling, hiding all its imperfections and wiring.

Wall decoration

Don’t decorate all the walls in your living room. That is, avoid using wallpaper or mural arts in each of them. The ideal here is to decorate only the wall behind the television, or the wall near the furniture where your family and visitors take a seat. This way, the art on this wall will stand out much more. Here you will find several decorative inspirations to take advantage of around the house.

Comfortable lighting at all hours of the day

Last but not least, try to clear the windows: that the furniture does not overshadow the sunlight. And at night, make sure that the artificial lighting systems are pleasant, relaxing; not strained, like flickering bulbs in a hospital or poorly maintained facility.