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10 Kitchen Curtains Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

Today you are going to see a lot of ideas and photos of kitchen curtains, because if you are thinking of changing them there is nothing better than to be inspired. And the challenge is to create harmony between colors, shapes and textures. It is good to take into account some recommendations, since after all it is one of the most important spaces in any house.

The first thing to consider is the utility of the curtains. Privacy and light control are some of the main functions of these decorative accessories.

1- Ideas for kitchen window curtains

The kitchen is one of the places we use the most and there are many physical and chemical processes (steam, fire, juice extraction, odors), so they must be 100% washable.

The idea is to achieve a cheerful and beautiful appearance, so the colors and shapes should evoke that feeling in us. Discover right now some themes that will go well with your kitchen.

2- Modern kitchen curtains

Modern and beautiful kitchen curtains

Modern kitchen curtains for windows

If classic isn’t your thing, take a look at these modern kitchen curtain ideas. Today the line between new and old is blurred thanks to vintage fashion, so it also depends a lot on your tastes to consider what is current and what is not.

3- Kitchen blinds or roman curtains

Roller blinds for a modern kitchen

Modern Roman shades for the kitchen

Curtains for the kitchen type blinds

Blinds as modern kitchen curtains

Roll-up curtain in modern kitchen

If you want to go modern, then this is your option. It is a system that allows you to fold or unfold some small rods, which function as a horizontal fastener for the curtain. They are ideal for small places because they do not take up too much space.

4- Vertical kitchen curtains

We see vertical curtains more and more in kitchens, an idea that seemed reserved for the living room. This type of curtains is not common to see in stores because they are usually made to measure, which increases the price considerably and they are not exactly cheap.

It is important that you understand that the curtain in your kitchen should not cover all the windows because ventilation is vital. Imagine that you are preparing food and that certain smells cannot come out. Unpleasant, right?

What kinds of fabrics are best for you? We had told you about how easy it is for our curtain fabrics to be washed. Cotton and polyester are the most suitable materials for this.

“Heavy” fabrics are terrible for kitchens because they are almost impossible to wash, and also, due to their chemical compositions, they highlight stains or dirt they may have.

5- Original kitchen curtains

What should we take into account? There are no rules in this regard, originality is determined by your imagination. Here you will see some examples of original kitchen curtains, with photos to inspire you.

6- Patterned curtains

Original kitchen curtains with lemons

Kitchen Curtain with food drawings

Funny kitchen curtains with apples

For many it is instantaneous to think of beautiful kitchen curtains and associate them with elements such as vegetables, bottles, and any other element that is related to the kitchen itself.

It is important to use light colors in the fabrics and darker tones in the figures without falling into exaggeration because the overloaded will be disturbing and shocking for your kitchen. Although if done well it can be great.

7- Rustic kitchen curtains

Checkered curtains for kitchen window

One of the most traditional reasons for kitchens, is the country one. And what better way than to evoke the rustic than the use of paintings combined with the color white? Besides everything, it gives an informal air to this space.

You can choose large, small paintings, whatever you prefer! They will always bring that cheerful tone that we all want for one of the busiest spots in a house and that surely receives the most visits.

8- Kitchen curtains for doors

Roller blinds for modern kitchen doors

Bamboo Outdoor Kitchen Door Curtains

The above ideas work the same for kitchen door curtains, only they will go all the way down to the floor. What must be differentiated are the curtains for interior doors and for exterior doors. It is also common to buy the matching kitchen window and door curtains.

The indoor ones are designed to decorate, so as not to let in so much sunlight and to prevent the neighbors from seeing what we are doing.

The outdoor ones are designed to be able to get in and out easily, avoiding the entry of insects. Remember the “macaroni” curtains? Well, similar but more modern.

9- Of your interest…

The shape of your window or door will be crucial in determining what type of curtain you will need. Remember that functionality and what conforms to it must be above what you want because we don’t always want what is “real”.

Make a real estimate of the amount of fabric you will need. Always keep a 30 cm margin to the width of the window to ensure that it really fits.

The ideal length will depend on your window. However, he recommends that you add 15 cm more to the height of the curtain so that it has a perfect fall.

The tie-backs, which are small pieces of wood or metal, are quite an elegant and ideal complement to our curtains. They will look quite classic and with a romantic touch.

Sheer fabrics are perfect to let the light in without having to leave the window unprotected with our curtains.

10- Where to buy kitchen curtains online

There are several stores where you can buy cheap kitchen curtains, but I like Amazon because they have a lot of variety, shipping costs are often free and if you don’t like them you can return them.