Classy and Elegant Gray Decor Ideas for You


When thinking about decorating an environment, one of the most popular colors is the gray scale. They are the most diverse shades of a color that can create a different sensation within the same environment.

When we look at the showroom of new condominium developments in Curitiba , for example, the different shades of gray are present in at least two rooms of the house: bedroom and bathroom. There is no such logical explanation for this, but the pleasant feeling that this color palette causes, in addition to the ease of getting the decoration in good taste right.

Gray is no exception to the rule of neutrality, however, it is not at all the same as the traditional white of most walls. If you are thinking of adopting this style, we have prepared here some interesting tips that can help you plan the tone of your home environments.

The gray wall and the formation of the environment

As we said, gray does not escape neutrality, so if the idea is to make the environment more clean , it is possible to use furniture and other decorative utensils that are in the same shade, or even combining white, beige or wood to smooth the tones in the entire environment.

If the intention is to move to a colorful environment, bet on stronger shades of color for furniture and adornments, letting gray play the main role, making the walls more neutral. This style of decoration brings more modernity to the environment, and makes the colorful objects stand out in the space.

If the idea is to leave all the decoration gray, use more than one shade to compose your environment. The monotony of colors is not so interesting and can be broken with the intensity of some shades of gray, this brings an interesting charm to the environment and is super in line with a contemporary style of decoration, the “ minimalist decoration ”.

Thinking about the different environments in the house

When it comes to living room decor, especially if you purchased a new property, such as a beautiful penthouse in Curitiba , the gray tones can add a touch of incredible elegance to the room.

Living room

The gray color can appear neutral and dull if not used correctly. But, precisely because it is clean, it has its advantages when creating a decoration, especially for environments such as the living room.

Gray matches a variety of colors, both for more vibrant palettes and for a softer color combination. If you are thinking of adopting this color for your decor, here are some interesting tips:

Gray as a base or in the living room details?

Gray can be used in some details, both on walls, as in furniture and accessories, such as frames in gray base, for example. However, it is an excellent color to serve as a base for decoration.

One option is to blend an entire wall in gray with some accents in bright yellow or red. The colors can vary according to your style, the important thing is to contrast the gray with something more striking, if the desired effect is to bring more life to the space.


When we buy a new property, like the houses for sale in Curitiba , we want to make it the same as the apartments in decoration magazines. That’s why we first define the style that best suits our personality, and then we get down to business.

The bedroom is one of the most used environments in the house, and for that reason, it deserves special attention! It should be a place of relaxation and rest, so the choice of colors is essential to create a pleasant feeling.

Gray is a very suitable shade, even if the option is for wallpapers . The scale of gray tones allows a composition that brings calm, ideal for those who have a busy day and need to rest. With a little creativity it is possible to make an interesting color combination, contrasting with the chosen options for paintings , lamps, side tables and other accessories .


This room usually has more neutral colors like the base on the walls. It is common to opt for the use of tiles and floors with lighter tones, which is why gray is the most fashionable color, especially in this environment. Remember, gray is a great choice when it comes to cleaning and maintenance, as it gets less messy than standard white!

Cabinets and appliances always influence the composition of your kitchen decor. If you choose a more conservative style, white will probably be the predominant color for these products, which will contrast perfectly with gray.

For more modern decorations, darker shades of gray scale are used as a base on the walls and floor, and retro-style appliances (those red, black and chrome) or furniture with more intense colors complete the room.

Choose between being conservative or modern

An environment with shades of gray transitions between classic and modern design easily. Therefore, this is the first decision to be made. If you like a more conservative style, without any extravagances, gray will surely be the base color of your decor and you can mix it with white, black or other gray tones. If you like this style, don’t miss out on the minimalist decor, we’ve prepared some really cool tips in an exclusive post.

Now, if the objective is to be a little more daring, an interesting option is to leave the walls in shades of gray scale and use stronger colors in the cushions (provided that the sofa also has a neutral color). Remember, using colors can be nice, but always sparingly! In interior design, less is usually more!

Gray can also be used to create a resemblance to industrial walls. In this decoration, prefer furniture finished in leather and strong colors like black to detail the environment. If style appeals to you, find out more about industrial decoration.

Gray as a base for strong colors

When thinking about the decoration of the rooms in the house, it is necessary to define a predominant color palette, preferably with options of cool and warm tones to escape the monotony.

Colors say a lot about the feel and personality of the room. Cold tones can cause a feeling of emptiness and sadness, so you should try to use them in combination with warmer tones. The “warm” colors, in turn, can create an atmosphere of joy as they generate a greater intensity of vibration.

Therefore, so that the environment does not become tiring, it is always good to balance these options.

Avoid monochromatic environments throughout the house. You can use them, but it’s worth remembering that they can get tiring. So try to make a harmonious composition. Do you know a really cool way to do this? Use pictures , decorative vases and invest in lighting !

The gray scale is on the rise, and now that you’ve learned a little about different ways to use it, you can start thinking about how to apply it in your home.

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