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Inventive Recycling Home Decor Ideas
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30 Inventive Recycling Home Decor Ideas

Discover DIY projects with recycling to make your home more beautiful, creative and sustainable.  Decorating with recycling is a way to make the house more beautiful and, on top of that, contribute to the preservation of the environment. Ideas are simple, inexpensive, creative and take advantage of different recyclable materials such as aluminium, glass, paper …

Small Home Office Inspiring Decor Ideas
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30 Small Home Office Inspiring Decor Ideas

Create a charming, functional and stylish environment for working from home. The small home office is nothing more than an indoor workspace. This environment offers conditions to work in front of the computer with comfort and tranquillity. Several professionals who provide services as freelancers have their own office at home, but they do not always …

36 Ideas for decorating a studio apartment
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36 Ideas for Enhancing a Studio Apartment

Get inspired to optimize, harmonize and integrate different spaces. Those who choose to live in a building with small units have a number of options. Among them are loft, kitchenette, flat, among other designs. But an extremely modern and common concept in large urban centres is gaining prominence, the studios. With it comes the question: …