Decorating Posters to Imprint Your Personality


Make the house more charming and fun!

Decor posters are becoming a real sensation, especially among people who like to “print” the personality in every corner of the house. These images can even gain magnificent frames and decorate with more charm and sophistication.

Decorating a house with posters doesn’t necessarily mean lining a wall with pictures of famous actors and bands. In fact, it is necessary to choose a few images that have a common style and do not compromise the proposal of a room.

Determine a style

Determine a style

Before buying posters to decorate the house, it is very important to define a decorating style. You can opt for a minimalist composition, for example, and work with images from big cities like New York and London. There is also the possibility of enhancing oriental aesthetics, using posters of Buddha, Ganesha, Shiva, among other deities.

Value your preferences

Value your preferences

The great difference in decorating with posters is that you have the opportunity to value your own preferences and those of other residents. If you are a musician in love with bands from the 60s and 70s, then you can illustrate the walls with images of The Beatles, Jimmy Hendrix, Janis Joplin, among other icons.

Value your preferences 1

Still in the nostalgia area, if you are in love with the movie divas of the 60s, then decorate one of the house’s environments with posters by Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, among other beauties.

Value your preferences 2

In addition to posters related to cinema and music, there are many other models that help highlight the resident’s preferences. Maps, comics, urban landscapes, sports, advertisements, landscapes, animals and vintage art are some possibilities.

Value your preferences 3

Value your preferences 4 Value your preferences 5

Anyway, the secret is to solve the following question: “What do I like the MOST? How can I “print” this on my walls?

Worry about a good impression

Worry about a good impression

Worry about a good impression 1

Worry about a good impression 2

Worry about a good impression 3

Worry about a good impression 4

Until recently, people had to find an image with good definition on the internet and look for a printer to print it with quality. Nowadays, however, it is possible to find on the internet stores specializing in posters, which do an excellent job when it comes to durable and long-lasting printing.

Define a colour palette

Define a colour palette

Don’t go around buying posters in different colours to decorate a room in the house, this “exaggeration” can cause visual pollution and give the impression of a “rebellious teenager’s bedroom” (something we don’t want). To harmonize all the pieces, it is essential to define a colour palette and respect it. For example, if you are going to work with black and white printing, it is worth emphasizing this aesthetic in all images used in decoration.

Invest in frames

Invest in frames

Invest in frames 1

Invest in frames 2

Invest in frames 3

By investing in frames, you can transform a simple poster into a real work of art. Companies typically use wood framing and include a protective layer of acrylic or laminated glass. By transforming the poster into a frame, it is possible to protect the image and make the decoration more sophisticated.

Create themed environments

Create themed environments

Create themed environments 1

Create themed environments 2

Using posters in decoration is usually more advantageous than traditional paintings because it is possible to create themed environments. If you’re setting up a retro kitchen, for example, you can decorate the wall with posters of old beverage and food advertisements. Another example: the TV room can be transformed into a delightful themed space when decorated with images from movies and movie stars.

Recognize the proposal of each room

Recognize the proposal of each room

Recognize the proposal of each room 1

Recognize the proposal of each room 2

You won’t include a food-themed poster in the master bedroom, for example. The ideal is to recognize the proposal of each room and thus include the images in the decoration.

Decorate walls and furniture

Decorate walls and furniture

Decorate walls and furniture 1

Decorate walls and furniture 2

Framed posters can be hung on the wall, as is done with traditional frames. The layout can be symmetrical or asymmetrical, it all depends on your preferences. In addition to decorating the vertical space, it is also possible to leave posters resting on furniture or shelves.

Be creative

Be creative

Decorating with posters offers complete freedom to be creative in your compositions. Therefore, choose prints that match the environment and look for ways to positively surprise the pieces. Your home will definitely become more modern, charming and colourful.

Have fun with the choices

Have fun with the choices

Have fun with the choices 1


Have fun with the choices 2

Choosing posters following a style and valuing one’s personality is a lot of fun! You can play with the image combinations and bring a smile to the face of anyone looking at your walls. Good humour is something that works very well when we talk about such clean and modern decor.

Know the poster trends for paintings

  • Foliage

Foliage 1

Foliage 2

The foliage appears in every detail of the decoration, including the posters. There are many interesting options for decorating the house and valuing nature, such as the model with an adam’s rib leaf.

  • Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style 1

Scandinavian style 2

The Scandinavian design is ubiquitous in the decorations, emphasizing the idea that “less is more”. The prints that value this style are simple, sober and geometric. Lines are generally straight, but when curved they are smooth.

  • Minimalism


Minimalism 1

Minimalism 2

Hexagonal shapes, geometric hearts, triangles and feathers are some illustrations that appear in minimalist art. You can choose the one that best matches your home decor style.

  • Black and white

Black and white

Black and white 1

Black and white 2

Whether in the coffee corner or in the living room, posters are always welcome. They rely on words, drawings, photographs and abstract art. Easy to match with the rest of the decor, these pieces add a timeless charm to the environments. A mix of B&W frames makes the decor elegant, modern and sophisticated. Furthermore, it is unable to leave the atmosphere with visual pollution.

  • Watercolour


Watercolour 1

Watercolour 2

The watercolour illustrations draw attention to the decoration because they imitate a handmade painting. Animals, cactuses, flowers and even words can appear in beautiful coloured compositions on the wall.

  • Complementary frames

Complementary frames

Complementary frames 1

These decorative frames are placed on the wall in order to form a single, large image. The proposal is modern, relaxed and combines with a clean aesthetic.

See how it is possible to use posters in decoration? Now you just need to choose the right pieces and value the ideas that suit your home. Best of all, this decorative element is much cheaper than traditional paintings. Get to work!

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