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36 Ideas for decorating a studio apartment
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36 Ideas for Enhancing a Studio Apartment

Get inspired to optimize, harmonize and integrate different spaces. Those who choose to live in a building with small units have a number of options. Among them are loft, kitchenette, flat, among other designs. But an extremely modern and common concept in large urban centres is gaining prominence, the studios. With it comes the question: …

Vinyl Record Decor
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30 Vinyl Record Decor Ideas To Get Inspired

Music is always in fashion! So, reusing your old LPs is a great decorating idea. Recycling is a cheap, practical and ecological way to decorate. Therefore, it is increasingly common for old objects to be reused. Vinyl record decoration can be a good option to take advantage of these standing pieces in your home. In …

Windows for Your Home
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Different Styles Windows for Your Home

Windows play a vital role in your home, as everything depends on the design and how the window is, its shape, appearance, layout and everything. So, it is really important to choose the best window for your home. Open, they are the connection with the outside world; They offer views, natural lighting and ventilation. Its …