Home Improvement

20 Creative and Modest Ideas to Change the Look of Your Home

Do you want to decorate your house, but the money is short? We’ve prepared these 20 cheap decor ideas for you!

Everyone dreams of having their own home in their way, isn’t it? Make it a space that when people look at it, they think: “Wow, this house could only belong to so-and-so!”. Not to mention that trying to convey our personality through decoration is something extraordinary.

1- Artistic Frames

You can also opt for more artistic frames. The tip here is to look for independent artists who always sell their works for a fair price and are cheaper than renowned artists.

2- Frames

Another cheap and easy-to-find option is frames made from collages. They are becoming more and more popular!

3- Shelf

And you don’t even need to drill through your wall to have them at home. Putting them on a shelf can do the job.

4- Photographs

One way to make your home more intimate and even more your face is to distribute some photographs around the house.

5- Panel with Portraits

A panel with portraits of loved ones is a gamble you can make without fear of making a mistake.

6- Artistic Photograph

If you want more sophistication, you can also choose a more artistic photograph to display in your home.

7- Wooden Crate

If there’s something cheap versatile that can still make your home cozier, it’s a wooden crate. In some cases, you can even get them for free.

8- Coffee Table

In addition to working as a bookcase, as we saw in the previous photo, it can also work as a coffee table.

9- Plant Pots

And if you want an excellent alternative, you can choose to use the wooden crate as a base for your plant pots. Look how cool!

10- Miniatures

One simple thing that will make your house even more charismatic and fits anywhere is the miniatures.

11- Snorlax

This cute Snorlax would be a great sign that a Pokemon hunter lives in your home.

12- Totoro Miniature

And this Totoro miniature? Ideal for any Studio Ghibli lover!

13- Thumbnails

Thumbnails are a great option to make any corner of your home more friendly.

14- Wall Clocks in living room

Wall clocks are objects that can make any room more elegant. And it’s not hard to find a lot of cheap models out there.

15- Wall Clocks in Kitchen

Wall clocks look great anywhere in the house! Look at this one how cool it looks in this kitchen!

16- Wall Decals

Are you tired of the flat wall in your room? Wall decals are practical and inexpensive.

17- Wall stickers

And the wall stickers are available in the most diverse styles.

18- Display


If you play a musical instrument or have that old guitar at home (also for guitars and bass), you can leave it on display somewhere in the house. This will give her a very artistic touch.

19- Wall Stand

If you want a little more practicality, you can choose to leave your instrument on a wall stand.

20- Simple and Functional

But the truth is, musical instruments look good almost anywhere in the house. Look at the one next to the window. It looks simple and functional.