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17 Room Ideas in the White Bohemian Style for a Cozy Home

Bohemian style pursuing freedom is increasingly appearing in interior decoration. Bohemian style is very fashionable, and you can shuttle between oriental, retro, hippie and even shabby chic styles. The bohemian-style bedroom is colorful, full of charge or flawless, and captures the nomad’s heart. In order to adopt bohemian style decoration in the home, there are some essential techniques to make the house full of bohemian style. Keep reading and check them out in the image gallery below! The white bohemian style room is full of charm, giving you a comfortable home.

Bohemian White Bedroom Decorated Mexican Carpet Canopy Wood Bed

1- Successful bohemian white bedroom decor

Bohemian White Decorative Feather Cushion Stool Leather Woven Blanket Bedroom

In fact, the bohemian style represents influence, a mixture of materials and colors, which allows us to imagine a personalized interior decoration full of charm. Those who dream of decorating a white bohemian bedroom can have multiple options when it comes to other decorative items. White is a neutral background that blends perfectly with any other color, bringing a low-key but playful appeal to the space.

2- White bohemian bedroom decoration-dare to create a hammock in the air

Bohemian White Modern Bed Suspended White Decorative Garland Paper

Unlike the idea of ​​mixed printing and accumulation of bright colors, the perfect atmosphere is also a sign of Bohemian style. Exuding elegance and exquisite decorations are perfectly blended with exotic accessories and furniture.

3- How to decorate a bohemian white bedroom full of personality

Bohemian White Banner Crochet Stripe Pillow Cushion Navajo Pattern

A white bedroom in a bohemian style does not necessarily exclude tones. on the contrary! As we have already mentioned, the bohemian style exudes freedom, so colors associated with freedom are welcome in decoration. Therefore, we use Berber, Persian and Killin rugs, which are rich in color and become the icing on the cake in the bohemian style of the white bedroom.

4- Dream catcher and wood and white decoration in white room

Bohemian white bedroom dreamcatcher decoration branch white paint

Another iconic element of Bohemian decor is the cushions with Navajo motifs, which have also found their place in the white bedroom in Bohemian style. These ethnic or oriental styles, these ultra-fashionable patterns not only bring nomadic style to the bedroom, but also add atmosphere.

5- Boho style-a mix of patterns and materials

Boho style bedroom white banner crochet dream catcher coffee table solid wood

Want to achieve a bohemian bedroom decoration? Therefore, please consider trying to mix materials and patterns. The latter, whether it is graphics, flowers, Navajo, arabesques, etc. Promise to bring ultra-primitive bohemian style to the bedroom.

6- Hanging bed or hammock-it does exude a bohemian style

Bohemian white bean paste bag leather white bedspread striped sequins

In order to adopt the bohemian style at home, we can draw inspiration from the following ideas. Hanging plants, hammocks or even beds are all a good idea, which will allow us to create an air atmosphere that exudes freedom.

7- Bohemian bedroom in white tones

Bohemian White Bedroom Berber Carpet Bed Navajo Pattern Decorated Green Plants

Boho (Boho) is a relaxing style that helps bring harmony to the room. After a modern interpretation, this style makes possible bold and novel personalized house decoration. Therefore, we finally merged the furniture with traditional and modern decorative elements.

8- What color is associated with a bohemian white bedroom

Bohemian White Bedroom Berber Carpet Rug Pompom Souvenir

As for the basic bohemian palette, warm colors and earthy colors are the most iconic. Therefore, it is available in black, brown, beige, olive, and khaki, which perfectly matches with color prints or metallic tones.

9- Iconic bohemian accessories

Bohemian style white bedroom bed stripe stripe pink cushion pattern pattern Navajo pattern rug

As for the iconic accessories of the bohemian style, you can unearth some in good condition at the thrift market or thrift store. To decorate a bohemian white bedroom, you can bet on a fringed carpet, a metal coffee table, a large number of candles, and crocheted banners.

10- Bohemian style room full of romantic and comfortable atmosphere

Bohemian white bedroom bedspread crochet pom pom pom-pom bed oriental decoration candle decoration

In order to successfully design a personalized bohemian bedroom full of realism, you can use floor mats as decoration. Whether decorated with pompoms, tassels or ethnic patterns, the cushions are a perfect substitute for large furniture, and at the same time bring a sense of freedom to a bohemian bedroom. In order to enjoy the unique bohemian decoration, we recommend that you prefer knitted or crocheted cushions.

11- Pompoms and gold tones bring an exotic touch

Bohemian White Bedroom Bedspread Pom Pom Metal Suspended Geometric Rug

As for the iconic materials for bohemian decoration, wood, linen, rattan and leather are welcome. Regardless of the style of interior decoration, all these natural elements will find their place, warm the atmosphere and add realism to the space.

12- Elegant bedspreads and various bohemian pattern decorations

Bohemian White Bedroom Canopy Bed Berber Rug Cushion Various Patterns

As we have already mentioned, the bohemian style cannot be attributed to an interior style. It is characterized by eclecticism, so it can do a lot of improvisation in terms of materials and patterns. The most important thing is to form a warm and harmonious whole.

13- Pompom and striped bedspread

Bohemian white bedroom bedspread with striped cushions Aztec pattern

Another bohemian decoration idea in the white bedroom is to integrate leather details, choose perfect white bed sheets and hang some dream catchers as wall decorations. This combination will bring a chic and elegant feel to your bohemian white bedroom.

14- Indoor green plants find their place in the bohemian bedroom

Bohemian White Bedroom Furniture Wood Sheer Beige Lace Decorated Green Plants

Mixed, accumulated, mismatched-these are the words that best reflect the bohemian style of the interior. Let you imagine a friendly and personalized home, this style has everything! We like its free spirit, gorgeous colors, ethnic patterns and gypsy style!

15- Play accumulation

Bohemian White Room Cushion Floor Carpet Faux Fur Bedding Pompom

As decoration, in the bohemian-style room, we placed frames, cushions and fabrics inspired by eclecticism. Interesting mirrors, tourist souvenirs, mismatched furniture, etc. -The goal is to mix styles to adopt the required gypsy spirit.

16- Romantic bohemian chic decoration in adult bedroom

Light Gray Fairy Lights Furry Rug with a Bohemian White Bedding Pattern.

17- Embroidered canvas and lace canopy

striped rose pattern wall decorating canopy in a bohemian white bedroom tablecloth.