20 Bohemian Style Interior-house in the California Desert to Get Inspired

How to create a relaxed and energetic atmosphere at home? These two functions best reflect the bohemian interior. To imitate it, we will need creativity, enthusiasm and some colorful decorative accessories. Now, we will show you a small house in the California desert, which is a perfect example of how to combine the two styles of race and boho.

Bohemian style interior small house desert California 

1- Bohemian style interior-relaxing living room

Boho style interior living room carpet striped antique table trunk tree cushion blanket long hair boho style

The house occupies less than 50 square meters and is close to the California Natural Park. It is surrounded only by trees and is perfect for total relaxation. The designer believes that it is perfect to mix bohemian and ethnic styles to decorate the interior.

2- Bohemian interior-bright colors and natural materials

Interior Bohemian Style Ornaments Guitar Dining Table Cloth Antique Bohemian Style

Bohemian style likes bright colors. But they can invade small spaces inside. Therefore, white wall paint and gray floor become auxiliary, they are the ideal basis for colored accessories.

3- Large shelf system, can be decorated with various decorations

Interior bohemian shelving system triangle ornaments bohemian style

One of the most obvious characteristics of a bohemian interior is its diversity. Tired of being excluded from such a space. There are decorative objects in wood, metal, plastic, glass, velvet, silk and jute-they are totally harmonious! The charm here comes from contrast, such as texture and color. In this house, you can see many natural fiber carpets, baskets, paintings and tapestries.

4- Aztec motifs bring movement

Bohemian style interior wooden chair cushion Aziki pattern Bohemian style

There are enough figurines and trinkets. Here, designers prefer the characteristics of national style. There is no hint of a given nationality, only traces of Mexican and Indian culture. Together, they form a relaxing atmosphere and at the same time full of energy.

5- High back wicker chair

Bohemian style interior ethnic decoration high back chair Bohemian style interior decoration

Designers Kathrin and Brian have always wanted to create high-value items. She is in an acting career and he wants to write music. But fate led them to other creative directions. Today, Kathrin is the founder and creative director of Gypsan (a bohemian fashion women’s clothing line), and Brian is an interior designer.

6- Ironing table acting as a console table

Bohemian style indoor ironing table, consumer table runner embroidered bohemian style.

7- Wooden chairs and metal tables in the dining area

Boho style interior with metal dining table, wooden chair, wooden pot hanging lace.

8- Lace hanging pot in the living room

Bohemian style indoor hanging flower pots, lace, bells, copper, bohemian style.

9- Trunk side table

Boho style interior coffee table trunk and succulents tree boho style.

10- Several decorations on the shelf

Bohemian interior decorations with wooden metal rattan style.

11- Light green refrigerator

Interior style bohemian small kitchen green refrigerator and white cabinet.

12- Small kitchen

Bohemian style interior with white cabinets and antique wood shelf kitchen.

13- Bedroom wall decoration

Interior style bohemian style double bed, decorative wall,  cushions covering long hair.

14- Bohemian style double bed

Interior Bohemian style bedroom, double wood, pompon cushion, ethnic pattern, suspended metal.

15- Single Metal Bed

Bohemian style interior with single metal bed, cushion and pattern carpet.

16- Chair and Sideboard

Boho style interior gray chair with sideboard wooden cube.

17- Pot

Inside Bohemian-style potted clay cactus.

18- Hammock

Interior style bohemian white hammock with ​​trees in garden.

19- Garland Light

Interior style boho style with orange bath and exterior white chair wood with garland light.

20- Orange Bathtub

Interior bohemian style exterior orange bathtub and white slate.

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