20+ Gorgeous Feng Shui Colors and Their Meaning for Living Room

Do you want to have an interior full of harmony and positive energy? If you have received an affirmative answer, we recommend that you read the article on the topic of Feng Shui color, which will help you achieve it successfully. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy based on the direct influence of the surrounding world on our well-being.

Feng Shui colors the right flower pattern on the green sofa

1- Feng Shui Color: Red symbolizes power and strength!

Feng Shui Color Red Orange Table Lamp Suspension Ball Brass Sofa Right Cushion

In this sense, color also plays a vital role. Today, we will introduce you some basic knowledge. These include red/orange, green, yellow, black/blue and white. Red is a symbol of fire, but in China it is a symbol of strength and strength. Today, he also associates himself with strength and good luck. For example, if you think the mural is too bold, you can replace red with orange or use it as an accent.

2- Feng Shui colors: blue and black stimulate creativity!

Feng Shui Colored Blue Orange Cushion Spotlight Recessed

Green calms the soul and spirit, so use it if you need it! If you choose this color in the room, please choose the left wall instead. This layout will help you learn and remember more easily, so if you are reading, it is spotless!

3- Green wall decoration-a color that soothes the soul and spirit!

Feng Shui Color Green Blue Sofa Right Chair Bedroom

Yellow symbolizes wealth, longevity and inspiration for new decisions. In China, workplaces are often painted in this color. Black and blue stimulate creativity. With their help, you can always find better solutions to existing problems. The last color, white, represents wisdom and purity.

4- Green and White

A leisure area with white murals-a color that symbolizes wisdom! Feng Shui color green accent, shelf storage, and, fireplace wall.

5- Green Table Lamp

Living room layout, with straight sofa and coffee table, green mantelpiece, maximum relaxation. Feng Shui Color Green Table Lamp, Fireplace, Indoor Sofa Right.

6- Green and Blue Accents

The walls of the living room are painted white, with green and blue accents. Feng Shui Color Cushion, Sofa, Meridian Lamp, Floor Table Square.

7- Orange Hanging Fireplace 

Orange hanging fireplace in white living room. Feng Shui Color Fireplace, Indoor Round Coffee Table, Sofa Angle, Table Lamp.

8- Orange and White

White living room layout and orange carpet. Feng Shui Color Orange Rug, Square Table, Corner Sofa White.

9- Cream and Orange

White living room with orange corner sofa and cushions. Feng Shui Color Corner Sofa Orange, Cushion, rectangular Suspension Coffee Table.

10- Blue and White 

Fengshui color round table sofa right cushion.

11- Round Coffee Table

Feng Shui Color Round Coffee Table Rectangular Rug Gray Sofa.

12- White and Gray 

Feng Shui Color Mural Coffee Table Sofa Corner Corner Cushion Board Carpet Laminated Wood Floor.

13- Yellow Paint 

Feng Shui Color Wall Paint Yellow Sofa Right Seat Cushion.

14- Red and Brown 

Feng Shui Color Table Sofa King King Cushion Table Wood Rectangular.

15- Bright Room

Feng Shui Furniture-Sofa-Right-Leisure Chair Color.

16- Brown and White

Feng Shui colors the armchair, gray sofa, right chaise longue coffee table.

17- Brown Yellow Paint

Feng Shui Color Cushion Brown Yellow Wall Painting.

18- Blue Wall and Black Sofa

Feng Shui colors the right seat cushion on the sofa, round coffee table, chair, armchair, fireplace indoor.

19- Light Pink

Feng Shui Sofa-Right Cushion-Light Pink.

20- Navy Blue and Brown 

Feng Shui Blue Hanging Carpet Rectangular Cushion.

21- Blue Orange Sofa

Feng Shui Color Blue Orange Sofa Right Lamp Floor Desk Concrete Block.

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