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15 Unique Ways to Use Baskets to Organize

The best way to organize is using something simple, beautiful, and inexpensive. How about using baskets to manage? Baskets are democratic, some can be expensive, but you can find them for a great price in specialty baskets and craft stores most of the time. If you live in Curitiba or intend to visit, my tip is to buy in the Santa Felicidade neighborhood; several basket stores have great prices. The links below also have a product suggestion.

1- Organize the lobby

The best way to start organizing your home is to create an organizing system that works for you and your family. When you go home, leave everything in one place? Create a business and use baskets to organize papers, keys, bags and leave each resident’s belongings. This place is also a wild card for going out and not letting you forget anything. Is there a habit in your house or taking off your shoes to enter? See the image for ideas on how to organize shoes to keep the entrance to the house organized.

2- Organize the living

Baskets are wild cards in the organization and decoration of the house. In the living room, they can accommodate blankets in winter, organize the coffee table, organize the controls for electronic devices, reading glasses, magazines and even hide children’s toys.

3- Use as furniture

Living in smaller and smaller spaces, we can use this trick and incorporate baskets into the decor as part of furniture such as a coffee table, side table, decorative objects. Keep toys, magazines, clothes, little-used items, and whatever else you need.

4- Organize shelves

Baskets decorate shelves by adding texture and movement. Use the shelf niches to accommodate the baskets, which can hold magazines, documents, souvenirs. The baskets can also hide toys and junk.

5- Organize the closet

There’s nothing worse than clothes falling on you when you’re picking up “that” piece. Using baskets to organize the closet is super helpful. It helps to accommodate accessories such as a belt, scarf, bag, underwear, socks, pajamas, and soft blouses that don’t stop folded and can’t be hung. Use a basket in airy closets to replace drawers and in the wardrobe to gather and group items.

6- Organize the kitchen countertop

The kitchen combines with practicality, nothing more practical than leaving the gourmet cutlery inside baskets and always at hand to stir the food in the pan, use the baskets to store spices and oils. Baskets in the kitchen can hold and display food such as fruits and vegetables.

7- Organize kitchen utensils

There is often a lack of space inside the kitchen cabinet. Improvise and use baskets to organize cutting boards, trays, platters, and even little-used dishes.

8- Organize the pantry

Baskets help organize the pantry and are perfect for similar grouping products and also managing offal. You can sort snacks in a basket, sweets in a basket, breakfast items, pasta, and so on.

9- Store towels 

Keeping clean towels in baskets that the house residents will use helps to keep everything organized and beautiful in the bathroom. This can be a solution for the beach house, or maybe in a rented apartment that doesn’t have a closet to store it.

10- Organize the bathroom counter

Maintaining order over the sink is often a challenge, especially when the bathroom is shared with several family members. Keeping all items in baskets ensures some order on the spot. Think about new uses too. Here a cutlery holder has become an organizer for a hairdryer, flat iron, and accessories.

11- Organize toilet articles 

Thinking outside the box is part of the challenge of organizing. Baskets can become shelves if installed on the wall: use to store toilet paper and other toiletries.

12- Dirty laundry collector

Having a laundry sink in the bathroom or bedroom helps maintain order in the house. If you have small children, teach now to remove the dirty clothes and put them in the basket, this makes life much easier for those who take care of the clothes in the house. Baskets also make the task of taking dirty laundry to the laundry easier.

13- Organize the office

Baskets are also valuable for the office or home office. You can use a basket to make a file, use baskets to center objects, and even organize drawers.

14- Organize the craft supplies

Baskets can transform the chaos of orderly crafts. Use baskets to similar group items together, and in the studio, use baskets in niches for easy handling.

15- Organize personal items

Anyone who lives at home with a ladder knows how boring it is to go up and down every time you forget something. Placing baskets at the top of the stairs can minimize this inconvenience and help with organizing. Each resident, when going upstairs, takes their items to the room. Great idea, right?

Organizing with baskets is quick, easy, and cheap. Also, using the baskets is prettier than scheduling them with traditional plastic boxes!