14 Kitchen Project Highlights for You to Be Inspired!

The kitchen is known as the heart of the house ! When creating a kitchen project, we must remember that this space is also ideal for gathering family and friends . In addition to functionality, it has become an environment that demands more and more whimsy in decoration.

That’s why we selected the highlights of the contest, with different and beautiful proposals for you to be inspired!

1- Kitchen design with shades of green and blue

These shades are ideal for those who want to go out of the ordinary and invest in a striking color. In addition, they allow different combinations that make the environment very elegant.

2- Arthur Luppi (@arthurluppi.3d)

In this kitchen project a light green tone was used. The combination with gold left the space charming and sophisticated.

3- Luana Saldanha (@sald.studio)

Luana designed a minimalist and very cozy environment , with a corner to read and have coffee. The shade of blue made all the difference!

4- Katia Andrade (@katiaandrade_studiok)

In this project, the Interior Designer chose a darker green tone that combined very well with the wood, creating a more rustic space.

5- Kitchen design with earthy tones 

Earthy tones are still on the rise in many environments, including the kitchen. We can use it for both more rustic and more modern projects. It all depends on your composition!

6- Julia Zambon (@studiomysa.arq)

Julia chose to follow the color palette of the visual identity of her office “Studio Mysa”. She used floor coverings with different textures along with an organic countertop, black slatted ceiling and many blocks from our deck.

7- Yasmim Felix (@yasmimfelix.arch)

Yasmim brought the proposal of a rustic kitchen , using the earth tones that are super hot!

8- Kitchen design with shades of gray

In addition to household appliances, gray can be present in joinery. It is a wild tone in the decoration , which combines well with different colors and makes the environments more glamorous.

9- Studio ID @studioid.arq

This kitchen project prioritizes natural lighting and ventilation through large spans. In addition to having a fun color contrast that conveys a lot of personality!

On the other hand, a space that goes beyond the conventional was created, the “wine corner”.

10- Vitória Gaudio (@vitoria.gaudio)

In this project, we can see how gray goes well with almost any other color. The combinations chosen by Vitória created a contemporary and delicate kitchen!

11- Utopia (@utopiaimagem)

With shades of gray, it’s possible to design a neutral and elegant kitchen like this.

12- Kitchen design with light tones

Choosing light and neutral tones is a great option to create environments that people are slow to get bored with.

In addition to creating a relaxing atmosphere , most colors in these shades never go out of style and are perfect for making a room look bigger!

13- Juliana Almondes (@jualrender)

A simple and sophisticated kitchen project! Being in such an environment recharges your energy and invites you to enjoy the preparation of your next meal.

14- MON 3D Studio (@estudio_mon)

The neutral color palette , natural fibers and plants make up this beautiful project!

Seeking references and getting inspired is a very important step before starting to design, isn’t it?! Enjoy!

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